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April 2014
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by Charles Poliquin

Transforming your body is never simple. We women tend to have an especially hard time of it because we’re fed so much ridiculous misinformation about how we should train and what to eat. No more.

This article will provide simple rules for women who want to change their bodies, whether to lose body fat, build muscle for a better physique, or just get STRONG.

We’ll debunk the lies and stereotypes that sabotage women’s progress, and give you ten ways to get a whole lot more out of your workouts.

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Anyone with a little common sense and a decent amount of training experience knows that workout nutrition is not that complicated. Unfortunately, what you should put in your mouth and when it needs to happen has been confused by outrageous claims from sports nutrition marketers and uninformed individuals.

Add to that the ridiculous dietary information coming from the media, and you’re in for some serious workout nutrition madness. This article will tell you what we know for sure based on the research and provide practically-based workout nutrition pointers for a lean and muscular life.

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by Josh Hodnik

The arrival of Spring brings a guarantee of two things, warmer weather and the beginning of a new baseball season. Professional baseball has suffered a few black eyes over the past decade with several highly publicized doping scandals. At times these scandals have seemed to overshadow the game itself. Many people are not able to list the team that won the World Series over the past few years, but they could list many of the players that have been caught or accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. Barry Bonds became a household name in America, and not for ability to play baseball, but for his supposed steroid use.

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by Charles Poliquin

The back squat is considered the king of exercises, but there are many other valuable leg training exercises that work many of the same muscles as squats. These exercises can be used as a temporary replacement for squats to add variety and keep your training fresh. One of these exercises is the step-up.

Gin Miller is credited with creating step training in 1989, a choreographed aerobic training program that incorporates the use of low step platforms. Step training became so popular that now the exercise is often associated with aerobic fitness and so-called muscle toning. The truth is that the step-up, and its many variations, is a versatile lower-body exercise that can be used for rehabilitation, structural balance, body composition training and high-performance athletic fitness.

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by Craig Titus
Craig Titus

Over the years I’ve watched countless psychologists and or psychiatrists discuss the adverse mental and even physical side effect as a result of using steroids. I’ve often wondered what experiences are they basing their theories on? And don’t get it twisted, that’s exactly what these professionals opinions are, theories, not facts! I’m beginning to see and understand that all their ideas, opinions and theories are solely based on the fact that testosterone is a male hormone that’s directly responsible for a man’s virility, aggression, sex drive and over all state of well being.

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Everyone knows that eating a high-protein, lower carb diet is an easy way to trick yourself into eating less so you lose body fat. Protein is really filling and it stimulates the brain cells responsible for keeping us alert and burning calories.

For example, a review of the effect of eating more protein, found that for every 1 percent increase in protein, people naturally decrease calorie intake by 32 to 51 calories daily.

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by Charles Poliquin

Summer is coming and it’s fat loss time for a lot of people. Just like at New Year’s, most people trying to lose fat on a deadline don’t make it happen. If they do, they are miserable the whole time and have gained it all back by September.

That’s because the only way to lose fat and keep it off FOREVER is to develop habits that make optimal body composition sustainable. Don’t be disappointed by the fact that there’s no magic bullet.

Be excited! This article is going to give you nine secrets used by the effortlessly lean. These habits will allow you to optimize body composition and lose body fat once and for all.

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by Charles Poliquin

How to Rescue a Bad Workout
One of the worst feelings is when you thought you were psyched to train, but you hit the gym floor and your warm-ups feel heavy. You feel like you’re walking through water.

Your muscles are burning and you ask yourself, can I make it through this one?

Your first inclination is to keep training—go through the motions and get it done. Because you’ve been here before, and you remind yourself that you always feel better when it’s over.

But the pain persists.
Should you bag it and go home? Come back later? Try something else?

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by Mike Arnold

As the most widely used drug in BB’ing, testosterone’s rise to dominance did not take place by chance. For over a generation it has been proving itself in the real-world; taking size and strength to never before seen levels in bodybuilders and strength athletes alike. However, it was not until recently that we began to explore and understand the mechanisms by which testosterone produces such powerful effects. This has prompted many scientists to further elucidate on the subject, bringing a greater awareness of testosterone’s ability to enhance the muscle growth process.

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by Mike Howard

Calories have become a perfect target for diet book authors and gurus alike to play on the emotions of those who struggle with weight. In the typical diet book and health blog world, calorie (and any mention of counting them) is met with an illogical amount of hostility. It has become one of the greatest sources of confusion in the word of fat loss and has undoubtedly led to much frustration for those looking to shed pounds. Rest assured you are not alone if you are befuddled by the whole thing…

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Summer’s coming and you’re determined to have stronger, leaner abs. Good news is you’ve still got enough time to make it happen. Bad news is you’ll probably waste your time training the wrong exercises the wrong way.

This article will tell you how to avoid common mistakes and give you five true steps for revealing your abs.

#1: Lose the Belly Fat with Sprint Intervals

Chances are you need to lose some fat if you want strong, cut abs. This does not mean you need to spend hours a day killing yourself in the gym or starving yourself.

Simply adding in a few sprint interval sessions a week and tightening up your diet will start the fat removal process from your middle.

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