Anabolic Steroid Film – “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”

SUNDANCE ’08 – Meet the Filmmaker: Christopher Bell

“Bigger, Stronger, Faster,” which will inevitably be described as reminiscent of Michael Moore because the director, Chris Bell, has a strong and humorous voice and he’s out to explore nothing less than the American dream, through the lens of the bodybuilding craze that made he and his brothers take steroids like they were candy. Since we were full up at the inn already, we squeezed it in to the Forrest at 5pm on Friday, right up against the March into March.


What inspired you to do this film?

I always had the idea to do a film on steroids. But I was searching for the core thought of the movie. What is this movie really about? Well, it’s about steroids. But you can’t just say ‘it’s about steroids,’ you have to come up with some clever hook to make the film work. So I’m thinking what is it really about? Then I saw Senator Joseph Biden speaking about steroids. He was pounding his fist on the table at a Congressional hearing saying that there’s something simply un-American about steroids! And I thought about it. I’m thinking about my brothers. I’m thinking that I used steroids; I’ve tried them before. Are we un-American? Are my brothers and I un-American? Or is there nothing more American than doing whatever it takes to be number one in our country? And that’s the core thought of the film.

Sundance Screenings:

* Sat. January 19, 8:30pm, Holiday Village Cinema II, Park City
* Sun. January 20, 10:30pm, Broadway Centre Cinemas VI, SLC
* Tue. January 22, 2:30pm, Library Center Theatre, Park City
* Wed. January 23, 12:15pm, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City
* Fri. January 25, 11:45pm, Holiday Village Cinema III, Park City

Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Movie

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