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Why Lie? No One Will Believe You!

by Christian Duque

If you’re a natty, whether a lifelong natty or a natty for any measurable period of time – I totally understand defending your natural status. If you’re willing to submit to a real blood or urine test and you’re not going to cheat, then so be it. If on the other hand you won’t submit to random testing, you use masking agents, or you’re only available when the gear is out of your system, then why lie? No one believes you anyways.

People aren’t stupid, especially people that have been lifting for years, people who have competed, and folks that judge contests. C’mon who do you think you’re fooling, anyways?

The reality of the matter is is that there are a number of reasons why people in the industry lie and we are going to take a moment during this article to talk about what’s justifiable and what’s not. I have to be honest with you though if you’re going to lie you might as well change the subject because once you lose your credibility in the fitness industry you can seldom, if ever, get it back. So let’s dive right into this highly controversial topic. There’s a few categories of people to consider.

For starters, there is a group of people that we all know very well. These are the individuals that lie to a person’s face about using synthetic, exogenous hormones. They will attribute their gains to some bullshit supplement, a way of lifting, or really anything they make up depending on the day. These people do not have any sort of integrity. They will sell their souls to the highest bidder. It doesn’t matter to them if the people they are deceiving look up to them or if they are complete strangers. These are the types of people that really only care about themselves and usually their credibility is shot within a very short amount of time. You will see them promoting any number of products during a given time. They are literally talent for hire and everyone they come into contact figure this out almost instantaneously. While they may be well liked nobody really takes them seriously. They know they are just trying to make a living and pretty much whatever they take on the record is pretty much smoke.

I know that I may sound a little bit jaded, but I am being completely honest when I tell you that there are shills in this business. People can spot them a mile away, and they have absolutely no pull, much less influence, over their audience. People see them as working athletes. They have to pay the bills and they will promote dog shit if it means getting paid. Their word is nothing more than hot air.

Another category of competitor is the type of athlete that has built a phenomenal physique and is in that gray area between natural and enhanced. These are the individuals that many people look up to most. They are at a crossroads, however. They can be honest or they can lie. Those that are honest will get accused of lying and those that lie will be accused of promoting products that don’t work. It is a very fine line between being honest and dishonest in this particular category. In all seriousness, it seems like a lose lose, and it probably is. Sadly, those that are honest can hang their hat on their natural status for their entire careers even if no one believes them. Someone like Mike O’Hearn would fit into this category. He has never failed a drug test and he has been training his entire life. Even though people may not believe him, they must respect him because of the fact he has never been caught lying. That’s certainly not something the Liver King can say.

Another category are folks that are not getting their exogenous hormones by prescription, but choose not to reply directly. They will more or less admit to using gear, but they cannot speak to the point of it because they would be incriminating themselves. Unless you are getting your exogenous, synthetic hormones by a doctor then you are more than likely breaking the law. There is a way to admit use without admitting use. These particular individuals do not fall under the category of fake natties. They are not liars, and they are not hypocrites, but they are very mindful of protecting their Interests and staying out of legal trouble. These individuals are respected because they are trying to be as honest as they can be without sacrificing their legal status.

Then there are the folks that openly use. They don’t have any issues answering questions, and they are totally transparent. These are the folks that tend to do the best in the industry. There’s no lying in them and people really respect that.

Listen folks, no supplement in the world is going to make you into a champion professional athlete. All we’re talking about when we talk about performance enhancing drugs is an edge. Whether or not an athlete admits to having that edge is entirely up to them. They can lie, but chances are, they will be found out. This is why those that are honest will always prevail.

The idea of this cat and mouse game known as natty or not to me is pretty ridiculous. That being said, this is not the industry where honesty prevails. This is why this cat and mouse game will always be a thing in bodybuilding. No matter how silly it may be it’s as addictive as sugar and caffeine. I honestly don’t know what it is but the idea of cheaters being caught and exposed to the world is somehow very fulfilling. This is why I think this type of content will always be in demand in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. People have a very low tolerance for those that deceive the public and an even lower tolerance for rip offs. There are so many bullshit supplements in the bodybuilding world that anytime a scammer can be outed – it’s going to go viral. It’s almost as if people know better but they don’t. It’s kind of like consumers’ justice.

People just can’t seem to get enough of it. Can you?

At the end of the day transparency means everything. You can either make your money dishonestly for a short run or be the best you possible. Don’t make things up and try to be as straightforward as possible. Even though everyone embellishes, try to strive to be the exception to the rule. it may not seem like the way to go in the here & now, but I assure you that in the long run you will reap the benefits.


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