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Scammer & Fitness Influencer Brittany Dawn Settles Lawsuit

by Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN

Well… well… well. If it isn’t time for another piece of the Brittany Dawn drama from a few years ago. Things have been quiet lately as the fitness scammer turned into a Christian influencer after being called out has settled her lawsuit with the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

To preface the rest of this article, the information I’m going to share is public knowledge, and I’m not telling you anything that you can’t find through search news outlets. I am also adding in my opinion on the situation, as Brittany Dawn has absolutely given the industry a black eye over the years.

Once Upon a Time There Was a Scammer Named Brittany Dawn

If you don’t remember exactly what happened back in the day, Brittany Dawn was scamming people with her fitness and nutrition plans that were apparently never sent out, and from what sources have told news outlets, the ones that were received by clients were cookie-cutter plans and all the same.

Prices for the nutrition and diet plans were upwards of $300. People who paid for the plans weren’t even provided check-ins with Brittany to review their progress. The total number of people who were scammed is claimed to be thousands of customers who paid for a service and plan they never received from this self-proclaimed “eating disorder soldier.”

The fitness industry turned its back on Brittany Dawn and shamed her for her actions after giving REAL fitness coaches and nutritionists throughout the industry a bad name. Did Brittany Dawn have the credentials to even be coaching people? Nope. It was simply a case of the “I look good and overcame an eating disorder, so I know what I’m talking about” scenario.

After several complaints, Brittany Dawn went to social media and claimed to be refunding those who did not receive their plan. Well, not so fast. First, in order to get their refund, they were asked to sign an NDA, basically forcing them to keep their mouth shut on the situation if they wanted their money back. Honestly, who does that? Oh, I know. Someone who has a lot of skeletons in their closet and doesn’t want people exposing her further.

As you’d imagine, people started leaking this NDA, and in typical online fashion, she was exposed yet again.

In an “apology video,” Brittany Dawn posted, she literally read word for word from her phone. She did not sound remorseful, and not a single person bought into her fake apology. The only thing she was sorry for was getting caught.

Brittany Dawn was even on Good Morning America, where she essentially made a fool of herself, and the show hosts were not exactly nice or on her side.

What Brittany Dawn did is nothing short of a professional scam artist. The only thing was, she apparently never thought she would get caught, let alone have it blow up as big as it did, which leads us to what’s going on currently down in Texas with the Attorney General.

Show Me the Money!

In typical narcissistic fashion, Brittany Dawn, back in March 2023, vowed that she was going to fight back and was ready for her soon-to-be trial over her scam-demic.

On social media, she claimed that “My time to fight back is here. Just over 4 years. That’s how long I’ve remained composed, silent, and have patiently waited on the Lord. 35,865 hours of my life that I have wept with reverence for Him as I kept hearing ‘do not speak up yet’ as I sat wayside while strangers on the internet slandered, harassed, defamed, stalked, and destroyed my reputation.

She then goes on to spout all about how she’s a Christian and that while Christians are gentle, they’re not soft. Please. Save the song and dance. A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

Now, she’s apparently the founder of She Lives Freed, which organizes women’s fait retreats that cost $600 per person. I’m curious if, down the road, we will find out this is yet again another plot, and people will eventually be scammed. I hope she changed, but I don’t have any faith in Brittany Dawn.
I’m sorry, but I don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for this woman. Not one drop. When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. And in this case, the settlement is for upwards of $1 million.

I don’t feel bad for Brittany Dawn, and I hope she gets hit with the full $1 million for her actions. Scamming people is not ok, and I don’t buy the whole “all of a sudden finding Jesus” nonsense. It’s a great cover to make it seem like you’re not as horrible as you truly are. She acts like people lashing out at her is unwarranted. It’s absolutely warranted.

Truly, I don’t care how horrible this woman’s life has been the last four years. You (apparently) scammed thousands of people out of their money. It was so bad that the Texas Attorney General got involved. This isn’t just some small-time lawsuit that you got slapped with, this is the state of Texas coming after you. So clearly, you deserve this, and I hope they make your settlement amount the maximum possible.

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