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Christian Guzman Hints at NOT Being NATTY?

by Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN

If you head over to Kenny KO’s YouTube channel, you can hear a quick interview he did with Christian Guzman. To preface this, many people have speculated over the years that Christian has been using steroids and PEDs, but Guzman has always brushed it off and said he’s natty.

Do I truly care if Christian Guzman is natty or not? Nope. But I do have my thoughts about it that I want to share with you.

It should be said before we get into this article, I have nothing against Christian Guzman. I have the utmost respect for the guy. In fact, I wrote an article that he, along with Chris Bumstead, could be the future of the fitness industry, and I genuinely believe that. So, many may say I’m dogging Christian in this article, but I’m looking at the big picture here and giving my opinion and thoughts.

Why It Doesn’t Matter If Christian Guzman is NATTY (or NOT)

For starters, it’s his life. Plain and simple.

If the dude wants to use illegal substances, that’s on him and doesn’t affect my life or yours one way or the other. So, why would I judge someone for their own actions and the risks they are willing to take?

In the case of Christian Guzman, he told Kenny KO that he’s working towards getting his pro card and doing whatever is necessary to achieve that goal he has set. It’s no secret that IFBB pros and even NPC competitors are generally known for using some sort of anabolics and PEDs to achieve a physique worth being rewarded with an IFBB when winning a show.

Can we expect him to stay natural forever if his plan is to compete in the IFBB? I wouldn’t blame him if that’s the case. After all, basically everyone he’d be going up against and standing next to on a competitive IFBB stage would also be using some sort of substances to look the way they do.

But a better question to ask would be, is it even worth it in the long run for Christian Guzman to attempt to get his pro card?

Can Guzman Make it as an IFBB Pro?

These days people are getting their pro card and telling their world via social media as if it’s worth more than the paper it’s printed on. I’m not here to downplay being an IFBB pro, but really, who cares if you’re not one of the top competitors in the world?

Having “IFBB PRO” in your social media bio doesn’t impress most people, including me.

But can Christian Guzman make it on an IFBB stage? Right now, I’d say there’s no way in hell. He’s definitely not big enough to stand next to the other Men’s Physique competitors out there today.

Can Christian win a smaller local show? Sure. He may be able to do that. But again, what’s the point? No one remembers anyone who wins small shows.

And if you were to look at this from a financial standpoint, Christian Guzman doesn’t need the minimal money he’d earn for winning a smaller pro show. In fact, he’d make more money sitting it out than he would taking the time prepping for the show and jumping on stage.

If Christian Guzman is looking for his pro card just because it’s something he always wanted to achieve, that’s great. I fully support him with the endeavor and hope he gets his pro card one day. But all in all, the guy has multiple businesses that need his attention, and from a longevity standpoint, that should be his focus (in my honest opinion).

Does Christian Have More to Lose Than Gain?

I think so. And here is where people are going to dog me for “hating” on Christian Guzman. In actuality, I’m proud of the dude and everything he’s accomplished and built. I’ve done articles on Alphalete, Alphaland, and Alphalete Gym. Those brands could very well outlive him if he plays his cards right.

My biggest concern is two-fold. First, how much time is he going to need to dedicate toward working for his pro card? It’s not going to come easy. That can shift his attention away from his businesses. The second is what could “doing whatever is necessary” mean for his overall health in the long term?

For me, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. Christian Guzman is an intelligent cat. He, of all people, should know the inherent risks involved with taking some of the things he’s probably dabbling with in order to get bigger, leaner, and move closer to achieving his IFBB pro card.

If something were to happen to Christian’s health, what does that mean for his future? What does that mean for his businesses? What does that mean for his legacy? Kids follow this guy and mirror everything he does. What example does that portray to them when they’re striving to be just like him?

Overall, I really hope Christian Guzman thinks this through a little more and realizes that he has nothing else to prove. His legacy is in his brands, not a pro card where he’ll never win an Olympia or Arnold title.

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