Wicked Cutz Flavored Beef Jerky – The Perfect Healthy Snack!


by Matt Weik

One of the hardest things most people face throughout the day is consuming healthy snacks. After all, we could all eat Pop Tarts, ice cream, and donuts at the drop of a dime, right? But finding something that fits your healthy lifestyle can be a challenge to some people — especially those who are always on the go. That’s where Wicked Cutz truly shines.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that Wicked Cutz is the only brand out there you should use, but they have some really unique flavors that I think will appeal to many and will provide you with something different from the standard original flavor beef jerky and teriyaki.

Wicked Cutz is a Party in Your Mouth

One of the things I find incredibly rare in this industry and something that Wicked Cutz is doing on their website is actually breaking down each of their flavors into flavor profiles for you to better understand what you’re getting. You’ll find a heat level, saltiness, sweetness, and texture. This allows you to really fine-tune what you’re looking for in your beef jerky to suit your palate and preferences.

While Wicked Cutz has the somewhat standard Original Peppered and Chophouse (traditional with no additional flavoring) flavors, they also have some mouth-watering flavors like Orange Teriyaki, Volcanic Jalapeno, BBQ Mesquite, and Carolina Killa that will definitely change the way you think about your boring old beef jerky flavors.

If you are a fan of beef sticks, they have a variety of those as well. But wait… there’s more! If you wanted to change things up from beef jerky and beef sticks, Wicked Cutz has branched out into bacon jerky, turkey jerky, chicken jerky, and even make their own flavored seasonings.

Not sure what flavor you’ll like? I highly recommend trying their variety packs as they will give you a little over everything to help keep your taste buds guessing as well as allow you to try the various flavors they sell.

Honestly, I haven’t found a flavor or product from Wicked Cutz that I didn’t like. I like getting creative with the Wicked Cutz products too. You can easily break up the beef jerky or sticks and toss them in salads, put them on your eggs, add them to soup, include them on top of pizza, on burgers, in pasta salad, and wherever your creativity takes you. I could literally eat a product from Wicked Cutz every day and never get sick of it — the products are that good!

Why am I bringing up Wicked Cutz instead of Jack Links or any of the other mainstream brands that you’ll find in just about any retail location? It’s simple — the guys behind the brand are in our industry.

Two Guys with a Vision

The men behind Wicked Cutz are none other than Branch Warren and Scott James.

If you’re in the industry, you know exactly who Branch Warren is — one of the baddest MFers in the bodybuilding industry. Even after retirement, he trains harder than most competitors still jumping on stage (including those half his age).

Now, if you’re not deep in the industry, the name Scott James may not ring a bell. Google him, and you’ll be surprised to see all the brands this man has created and built into an empire.

I thoroughly respect both of these guys, which is why I would rather use their products as a healthy snack than something like Jack Links or similar brands.

A Healthy Snack You Can Take Anywhere

If you follow my content, you know that I love talking about healthy snack options since that seems to be a hurdle that most people can’t jump over, and they wind up blowing their nutrition plan by hitting up a vending machine, grabbing fast food, devouring desserts, and eating junk they know they should limit and minimize.

Beef jerky and similar products are the perfect addition to your nutrition plan and can easily be taken with you no matter where the day takes you. Between the various sticks and jerky options that Wicked Cutz produces, you can toss them in a bag or in your car to take with you on the go.

If you have kids, you pretty much understand that you’re a chauffeur service where you take your kids to school, practices, games, recitals, friends’ houses, shopping, etc. You basically live in your car, and therefore, healthy snack items are incredibly important.

Best of all, the ingredients and profile of their products are clean and high in protein, making them the perfect healthy snack option. When you have a craving for something bad, you can subside those cravings by grabbing something from Wicked Cutz, and in no time, you’ll not only crush your cravings, but you’ll feel better about what you’re putting in your body versus the alternative.

Wicked Cutz uses premium ingredients that you can feel good about consuming. Even better is that Wicked Cutz is something you can give the whole family during snack time and not feel bad about it. Granted, you and your spouse/significant other may like the spicier flavors that have some heat to them, but kids may find the more subdued flavors their favorite.

Regardless, Wicked Cutz has something for everyone (assuming you eat meat). If you’re not a fan of meat, well… why are you even reading this article?