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Is Laxogenin the Key to Building More Lean Muscle Mass?

by Matt Weik, BS, CSCS, CPT, CSN

Adding quality mass to your frame can be quite challenging. You need to provide enough muscle stimulation to break down muscle fibers and then follow it up with the proper rest necessary, along with a solid nutrition plan to help rebuild those torn down muscle fibers so they can come back bigger and stronger (this is called hypertrophy). With that being said, there is an ingredient out there that can help you unlock your full muscle potential — laxogenin.

What is Laxogenin?

Laxogenin is a plant compound that, when ingested, can help create an anabolic effect to assist you in your muscle-building efforts. This steroidal sapogenin helps enhance protein synthesis as well as nitrogen retention to help improve your ability to increase strength, muscle size, endurance, and recovery.

If you want to go down the rabbit hole a little further, laxogenin is actually a brassinosteroid. They are a group of steroids that are synthesized exclusively from plants. Research has shown that brassinosteroids have an anabolic effect and can help promote muscle growth[1].

It should be noted due to the fact that we are tossing around the term “steroid” that laxogenin and brassinosteroid are not anabolic steroids in a sense they will show up on drug tests and get you in trouble with your work or competition — they are undetected and will not disqualify you. They do not provide exogenous forms of testosterone and will not shut down your normal production. In fact, the use of brassinosteroids and laxogenin does not require any type of post-cycle therapy (PCT) like one would need following a cycle of anabolics. This makes them much safer to use.

*Laxogenin is 100% allowed by fitness and bodybuilding organizations as well as athletic organizations at the time of publishing this article. The drug testing and banned substance list can expand at any time. It is always a good idea to consult with your organization and your doctor before using laxogenin or any supplement for that matter. Due to the nature of supplements, in general, it is not advised that anyone under the age of 18 use laxogenin.

Who Can Use Laxogenin?

Since there are no anabolic side effects or exogenous forms of testosterone being put into the body, laxogenin and brassinosteroids can be used by both men and women alike who are looking to improve their strength, muscle size, and recovery. Even athletes who get drug tested are able to benefit from these plant compounds to gain an ergogenic edge over their competition.

Laxogenin can be especially useful to those who compete in fitness or bodybuilding due to its ability to help transform your physique. Those who supplement with laxogenin may find they are able to put on muscle much faster than before using the product.

What Are the Benefits?

Laxogenin is a hot ingredient to be included in supplements these days due to the various benefits from their use — not to mention the lack of side effects for such substantial benefits. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the results you can achieve are done by using a plant!

1.    Increase lean muscle mass and strength

Due to the fact that laxogenin increases protein synthesis, it helps open the floodgates for potential new growth to occur when combined with a solid workout protocol and nutrition plan (as well as getting enough quality rest to help fully recover from strenuous workouts)[2]. More muscle mass and stronger fibers can help you progress through the weights as you advance each week and help you increase your overall strength.

2.    Reduce cortisol levels

Supplementing with laxogenin can help inhibit cortisol (a stress hormone). When cortisol levels are high, you can have a higher chance of holding onto and even gaining excess body fat — not to mention it can minimize your ability to get stronger and gain lean muscle mass. By reducing cortisol, you put yourself in a position to help reduce stubborn body fat while potentially increasing muscle.

3.    Not an exogenous source

Unlike anabolic steroids (injectables), this steroidal sapogenin is not providing your body with an exogenous source of testosterone — it’s simply helping your body (naturally) improve protein synthesis and nitrogen retention to allow you the ability to put on lean muscle mass. There is no effect on the endocrine system at all. This allows you to use laxogenin safely and without the need for a post-cycle therapy to get your body back to producing its hormones naturally again. With laxogenin and brassinosteroids, you will not cause strain on organs such as your liver like you would with anabolics, nor an increase in DHT that could increase hair loss.

4.    Minimize muscle soreness and enhance recovery

DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness) is no joke and is something we have all experienced from our time in the gym training with any type of intensity. If you are looking to reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery, include laxogenin in your supplement regimen.

5.    Faster results

Those who have used testosterone boosters, steroids, or even prohormones would know that the results yielded from such products take time. With laxogenin, the results tend to be seen relatively quickly when compared to the alternatives mentioned.

6.    Muscle preservation

While laxogenin is used primarily to increase lean muscle mass, it can be used when dieting to preserve muscle from being broken down during a caloric deficit and long bouts of cardiovascular exercise. By holding onto your muscle, it allows your metabolism to stay revving and gives you the ability to burn more calories — even while at rest. Laxogenin gives you the double threat of helping to increase muscle mass, all while preserving those gains when cutting.



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