Your Size and Weight Doesn’t Matter – In the Gym, We’re All Rooting for You

by Matt Weik

Are you skinny? Are you overweight? Are you super muscular? Are you incredibly weak? In the gym, your size and weight doesn’t matter. You could be the biggest and strongest person in the gym or the smallest and most frail individual an no one will think twice about it. For some reason, there is a misconception that those in the gym judge others. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Everyone in the gym is rooting for you. Let’s explain.

Your Size and Weight Doesn’t Matter – Only Your Dedication and Commitment

I’ve spent many years working in gyms and fitness centers, and I’ve seen just about everything under the sun when it comes to why people will and won’t sign up to join a gym. While the financial expense for many is a valid reason, the other tends to be that the individual is self-conscious and feels that they will be looked at and judged for the way they look.

If you’ve been in a gym (which I’m sure you have), you know that the body shapes walking around gyms come in all shapes and sizes. Big, small, boxy, round, apple, pear, you name a shape and it’s been in the gym. Know what’s cool? None of that matters.

When you join a gym, it’s like joining a support system. Every single person in the gym has felt the same feelings you have. Maybe they’ve felt ugly? Too fat or too skinny? Out of shape for their age? Too weak to stand in the weight room next to guys that are pushing some serious weight while you can barely bench press the 45-pound bar. There are even some women who are in the weight room pushing more weight than the men – which is frickin’ awesome! Yet, everyone goes to the gym to improve their health and physique in some manner.

For the most part, people at the gym will mind their own business, stay in their lane, keep their head focused on their own workout/training session, and will have headphones in their ears. But then you also have to social butterflies who want to help everyone and create a community. No matter which category you would put yourself in, you can be assured that no one is looking at you or judging you. Again, your size and weight doesn’t matter when you’re in the gym.

People have a mutual respect for one another in the gym as everyone is there to make improvements and achieve their own personal goals.

The Weight Room and Aerobics Room Help Build a Community

You can find both men and women in the weight room and/or the aerobics room. What you find in these locations is quite amazing. Regardless of the location, a tight community is formed where everyone supports each other, and friendships and comradery are built. There is a comradery among individuals in the gym who share a common interest and passion for something.

Before and after aerobics classes, you will find people chatting, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. During the classes, people are pushing others and offering words of encouragement. It’s a pretty cool thing to see and witness.

In the weight room you will find fist-bumps, slaps on the back, celebrating after hitting PRs, and people congregating to see feats of strength and to cheer them on. It’s like one big family there supporting one another.

Your size and weight doesn’t matter. No one looks at someone differently for their size, weight, skin color, religion, or any other factor. It doesn’t exist in a gym. They look at you for the person you are and the work you’re putting in. Nothing else matters.

The fact that you are showing up and putting in the work is enough to gain the respect of everyone in the gym. It’s about consistency and showing your dedication to achieving your goals. The incredible thing that you’ll find in most gyms is that they promote positivity and change.

Does That Mean There Aren’t Idiots at the Gym?

No. Not at all. Listen, you aren’t able to go anywhere in the US that doesn’t have some bad eggs in the bunch – the gym is no exception. That’s just how things are, unfortunately. Just like you have people in the office or classroom you stay away from, you’ll experience those same people/personalities in the gym as well. The good news is that gyms are huge, and you can generally distance yourself from them.

Some gym members have egos and don’t want anyone to look better, lift more weight, or gain more attention than them. Your best option with these individuals is to simply leave them alone and don’t listen to the noise coming out of their mouth. Anything they say to you or about you is simply due to their insecurity. Let them be. But in the gym, they are far and few between.

The majority of the gym members you will find in ANY gym you join or visit will be full of great people who share a passion for self-improvement and bettering themselves. They want to improve their health and body, and just like they want you to support them, they’ll gladly reciprocate to help you achieve your goals as well.