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Your Fitness or Supplement Brand Needs to Be Omnipresent

by Matt Weik

In today’s digital world, your fitness or supplement brand needs to be reaching out and touching as many people as you can. For the longest time, fitness and supplement brands have been pushing magazine ads as their primary source of advertising. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, there aren’t many fitness magazine publications left these days in print, as everyone is going digital. The key word there is digital. So, you need to fish where the fish are and be omnipresent.

Be Everywhere All at the Same Time

It’s never been easier to be everywhere with the click of a mouse or even a smartphone. What once forced you to pick and choose the platforms you wanted to pay to play on has now changed to allow you to be omnipresent for free. If you want to reach more potential clients and customers of your products or services, you need to be everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE.

Social media has given fitness or supplement brands the ability to promote their business and get it out in front of potential customers. And best of all, social media platforms (at least right now) are FREE. There’s honestly no excuse for you not to be using all of the platforms out there where your potential customers are. This can also ring true for social media influencers. Facebook and Instagram seem to be the best at this point, but many are even finding success on platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Tik Tok.

But social media isn’t the only place you should be in search of new business and revenue. Utilize your website to the fullest. Ultimately, if you sell your products or services on your website, that is where you want to funnel the traffic (obviously). Use your social media to direct people over to your website. Not enough brands are taking advantage of this. Use blog articles to help build SEO and your authority in the space (which is precisely what I do to help brands). A blog is also a great way to get constant daily traffic to your website and keep your brand fresh and in the minds of all who visit and consume your content.

With a blog, even if someone isn’t shopping for your product or service, it still gets your brand in front of people. And if they are on your site, you still have a better chance of converting a sale than you would not getting that traffic at all. It could even remind people that they need to reorder your products while they are on your site rather than the out of sight out of mind mentality.

If you’re a fitness or supplement brand, leverage influencers to blitz your brand to their fans and followers. If your brand is fairly new, it can be challenging to get the eyeballs on your brand without spending a decent amount of money on things such as Facebook or Instagram ads. If you have a specific influencer in mind that has a good following in your industry, use him or her to promote your brand. Look to make sure their engagement is high.

There are far too many “influencers” out there who buy followers to inflate their numbers, and when you look at their engagement, they are only getting a handful of likes and comments. Do your homework and figure out how much the influencer is worth to you and your fitness or supplement brand and the amount of money you’re willing to spend to allow them to help you be omnipresent and in front of the right people.

Something else to consider is a podcast or YouTube channel. I’ve said it a ton of times already and even have an article published that talks about why you should have a YouTube channel.

Audio and video content are HOT these days, and people enjoy relaxing and engaging with this type of content. You can record videos or podcasts yourself and put them up on the internet, or you can delegate the responsibility off onto one of your employees to create and manage. Again, being omnipresent is about utilizing everything out there to reach your demographic and build brand awareness and loyalty, which obviously leads to increased sales. Money follows attention.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Hire a team to handle all of this for you. Your marketing team (if you have one) should be able to handle this workload and get your fitness or supplement brand on the platforms and channels they need to be on. The only issue that arises is that you need to be consistent with creating content for each platform. You can’t be here today gone tomorrow. Posting daily, weekly, or biweekly content at the least is ideal.

The good news is, if you create one piece of content, you can repurpose it on all of the other platforms. Just be sure to change it up to fit that specific platform. For instance, if you write a blog article, you can not only make a YouTube video about it (you can even read the article on camera word for word) and the same goes with a podcast and your ability to record someone reading the article (just make sure it doesn’t sound dull like someone is actually sitting there reading it bored out of their mind). Add some pizazz to the content to make it sound exciting and unique.

Once you created the content, blast it out to your email list (you do have an email list, right?) as well as the social media platforms you use. So, when you think about it, one piece of content can be repurposed over three times and then pushed on more than five different platforms. It’s not about working harder; it’s about working smarter. You can spin your wheels as much as you want, but if you have the content already, you might as well repurpose it to cover all of the areas your customers may be utilizing and be omnipresent with your fitness or supplement brand.

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