VOSS Pushing Innovation with VOSS+ in Bottled Water Market

by Matt Weik

While I’m generally not a fan of “outsiders” dipping their toes into the supplement market, VOSS is treading lightly by launching a few functional beverage-inspired products that I can see doing exceptionally well and won’t do much of anything to change or alter the current supplement and sports nutrition market.

I’ve always thought VOSS was a cool brand. They use both glass bottles as well as 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. Their product and packaging have a very clean and crisp look to it that truly sets it apart from all of the “bottled water” products that you find on the shelves and in coolers of your favorite gas station and convenience stores.

So, what is this “innovation” I speak of that VOSS is rolling out? Well, it’s nothing earth-shattering, but the three specific products they launched should do well for them and possibly open up more doors in the health and supplement space for the brand in the future.

VOSS Introduces New VOSS+ Bottled Water

Everyone knows how important water is for overall health and optimal bodily functions. VOSS decided to expand their reach by creating a premium functional water under what they are calling their VOSS+ line. While the original bottles of VOSS were clear and had a luxurious look and feel to them, the VOSS+ line has colored bottles that represent the various functional ingredients they contain.

VOSS+ has brought to market three different functional water products – one that includes Aquamin®, one with vitamin D, and one with collagen.

While many in the sports nutrition and supplement industry would yawn at such products, I can absolutely see their target demographic rallying behind this launch and utilizing these functional water products. In fact, the combination of the three beverages could start to cannibalize their original water sales slightly.

VOSS+ Aquamin®

Again, while there isn’t anything revolutionary about the new products in the VOSS+ line, I have to respect what they chose to put in their new line. As the name would imply, for the VOSS+ Aquamin® beverage, they added patented Aquamin®, which is a unique blend of minerals and electrolytes from the coastal seas of Iceland. All in all, it contains 74 trace minerals and electrolytes to improve hydrations and support a healthy and active lifestyle.

I can absolutely see this being a massive hit in the summer months when people are at the pool or beach and want a bottled water that also replaces some of the key minerals lost due to sweat.

VOSS+ Vitamin D

If 2020 opened our eyes to anything, it was that we all need to put better focus on our health and wellness (both physical and mental). One of the most significant risk factors that was exposed last year was the fact that many Americans are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. Whether it be a poor diet or lack of exposure to sunlight, the vast majority of those who suffered the worst from the pandemic seemed to have this deficiency.

While I don’t believe for one second that VOSS decided to launch their VOSS+ Vitamin D functional water to help solve the world’s problems with the pandemic, the fact of the matter is that vitamin D has a bunch of benefits that everyone can take advantage of.

This VOSS+ Vitamin D contains 50% of your recommended vitamin D intake, which I would have loved to see it be higher than that. Vitamin D isn’t all that expensive, and they could have added more than 10mcg to the bottle.

VOSS+ Vitamin D comes in a refreshing citrus-infused flavor (“Citrus Essence,” to be exact) and still has 0 calories and 0g of sugar (as well as zero sweeteners used).

VOSS+ Collagen

Adding another flavor-infused product to the VOSS line is the VOSS+ Collagen. This is a Berry Essence flavor that contains 40 calories per bottle with 0g of sugar and no added sweeteners.

VOSS really targets the female demographic, and collagen supplements are a huge hit these days with women. Collagen helps improve skin, hair, and nail health which is right up their alley, and the fact that they can get 10g of collagen per bottle makes it the perfect functional water beverage to kill two birds with one stone.

Where Can You Find These Beverages?

If you’re into functional beverages or simply want a premium bottled water that has some added benefits, you can find the new VOSS+ functional waters on Amazon or at retails like CVS and Walmart. If you go over to the VOSS website, clicking “buy” will actually send you over to their Amazon storefront page that shows you their entire portfolio of products along with pricing.

At the time of writing this article, Amazon does not have these in stock, and there is no price listed either. I also have not seen them in any retail locations just yet either, so I’m not even sure what they will cost.

With all of that being said, is the new VOSS launch of the VOSS+ functional beverages something you would purchase to get in your daily water intake along with some functional ingredients, or is the VOSS+ line something that doesn’t interest you in the slightest bit? Let us know down in the comments. Also, if you’ve found these and tried them, let us know your thoughts.

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