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Verb Energy Bars: The New Healthy Energy Bar?

by Matt Weik

In a world full of energy drinks being thrown at you from every angle, it’s always interesting when you have a company that smiles and says, “Hold my beer.” While I wouldn’t lump Verb Energy bars in the same category or strength as energy drinks like Bang, Monster, Reign, C4, or any other name you want to toss out there, I still see a huge market for these types of bars.

When you think of energy bars, what comes to mind? Probably those nasty, hard as a rock bricks that endurance athletes eat, or brands who claim it’s an energy bar, and really, it’s just full of carbs and sugars to help replenish glycogen for those looking to boost stamina mid-race or competition.

But what separates Verb Energy Bars is that they actually include ingredients that are very familiar to us in the fitness and supplement space – brown rice, oats, and caffeine coming from organic green tea. You also get a bunch of other health-conscious ingredients that we will touch on in just a bit.

I grabbed a few of these bars and used them throughout my week and found them incredibly beneficial. The taste was on point, the ingredient profile is solid, and I love the fact that I’m getting some added caffeine. That being said, let’s discuss why I think these may be beneficial to you.

Verb Energy Bars May Be Small… But They’re Mighty

Again, don’t read this article and think Verb Energy bars are going to replace your Bang or Reign energy drink. The purpose of these energy bars is to provide you with a product you can eat (versus generally being a beverage you drink), that tastes good, and provides you with a boost of energy in the form of natural caffeine that won’t cause you to experience any jitters or crash.

While nowhere close to 200+ grams of caffeine per serving, Verb Energy bars provide you with 65mg of caffeine. Sure, that’s not much and along the same lines as a coffee or soda/pop, but you’re getting substance and at least some sort of nutritional value through health-conscious ingredients.

Each bar contains 90 calories that come from ingredients like gluten-free oats, organic agave, almond butter, organic brown sugar, organic crisp brown rice, molasses, cacao nibs, organic quinoa crisp, sea salt, along with some other organic and natural flavors (all dependent on the flavor of the bar you choose).

Now, if you’re used to eating something like a MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal bar, you’re going to look at this and be disappointed – there is no comparison here. In our world, we are used to large protein and nutrition bars which the Verb Energy bars are not even close in comparison and aren’t trying to compete in the same space.

The goal of the Verb Energy bars is to provide you with sustainable energy to help fuel your day and active lifestyle. It’s not an energy drink to get you all jacked up on caffeine and stimulants, it’s meant for everyday people who simply want something with high-quality ingredients and who want something to help give them that little extra push to get through the day or activity.

Why Would You Want These Bars?

Here’s the thing, if you’re reading this, you generally wouldn’t even look at a bar that only has 90 calories in it with a low single-digit protein content. You’d probably lean more towards a protein bar that has at least a minimum of 15-20g of protein per bar instead.

However, I see some value in these Verb Energy bars and can see a wide variety of applications of how you can leverage them in your everyday life, such as:

At the Office

What happens when it hits 2:30pm, and you’re hungry at the office or at school? You probably raid the vending machine and get some unhealthy option that you immediately regret after looking at the nutrition facts. That’s where the Verb Energy bars can shine. Keep them in your desk drawer or backpack, and you’ll always have a healthy and energizing snack.

On the Go

If you carry a couple of the Verb Energy bars with you, you’ll always have a healthy snack that can provide you with an added boost of energy. Don’t get stuck with tummy gurgles and find yourself hitting the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant. Keep a couple of these bars with you, and you’re good to go (on the go).

Outdoor Activities

Do you enjoy hiking? How about cycling? Maybe you merely enjoy a nice long walk out in nature or at the park? Toss one of the Verb Energy bars in your pocket or pouch/bag if you’re carrying one with your belongings and you have something to munch on halfway through to help fuel you through the second half of your adventure.

Never Skip Breakfast

Let’s face it, most people these days skip breakfast because they don’t have time in the morning and refuse to make it a priority. I know, it’s a terrible excuse. But one thing people never skip is their coffee. Combine one of your favorite Verb Energy bars with your morning cup of Joe, and you at least have something in your system to help energize your morning and help fuel you until lunch.

With a wide variety of available flavors, you can constantly change things up and keep your taste buds happy. Some of their flavors include blueberry crisp, chocolate chip banana bread, cookie butter, double chocolate, gingersnap, coconut chai, lemon raspberry, peppermint mocha, pumpkin spice latte, salted peanut butter, and vanilla latte.

No matter how you decide to use the Verb Energy bars, adding them to your repertoire (in my opinion) is a great idea. With the many uses, you can slot it into your day and help keep you energized and productive.

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