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Retro Fitness Pushes Deal for Those Who Get Vaccinated

by Matt Weik

A PR company reached out to me this morning and asked me if I would like to comment on a move made by Retro Fitness. I had a better idea – I’m going to share my thoughts through an article as my thoughts are NOT going to be what they assume I’d say or what they expected to hear from me.

What is the topic that has me immensely irritated this morning? Well, apparently, Retro Fitness is pushing a promotion for those who get vaccinated. ONLY those who get vaccinated. Really, Retro Fitness? *facepalm* Retro Fitness is a client of this PR company who reached out to me and provided me with all of the details to have my head explode. Why would you do this to me so early in the morning? Anyway, here’s the deal:

“Retro Fitness is getting real doing their part to incentivize the population to get vaccinated, offering a $0 down and no commitment membership to anyone who has received the vaccine, beginning April 1st. Simply walk into a club and let them know you’ve been vaccinated upon membership sign-up to receive this offer.”

What Has Me So Fired Up About the Retro Fitness Deal?

So, let me get this straight… you’re incentivizing people who go get vaccinated? Here’s my stance on the subject. Whether I get the vaccine or not is on me. And I’ll be open with you all, I’m not getting it. You can put a gun to my head, and I’ll still choke you out before you stick me with that needle.

I don’t trust the vaccine at all. I don’t trust what’s in it, I don’t trust that China has its hands in the vaccine (along with Bill Gates for some odd reason which should make all of us a little concerned), and I don’t trust the long-term safety (I mean, they gave pharmaceutical companies a free pass by saying no one can sue them from side effects).

It’s rushed, and I’m not going to jump in line to get something (especially something being injected into me) that has no long-term data, and it was a race to be the first to come out with a vaccine because, as you guessed, it’s ALL ABOUT THAT MONEY. Big pharma doesn’t care about you or your health, all they care about is getting your money. They don’t cure things, they manage them because if they cured them, it would be a once and done transaction.

Enough with my personal opinion on the vaccine. I respect your decision to get it if you did so, it’s just not for me, and just like I respect your decision, I expect you to respect mine.

What has me so fired up about this is that Retro Fitness is now a talking head for promoting the vaccine. We all have the government shoving the narrative of getting the vaccine down our throat, we don’t need our gyms doing it too.

People Need Exercise Even More Than They Need a Vaccine

Here’s the deal, look at all of those who got sick and unfortunately died from the virus. Were they healthy? Some. But the majority of them were unhealthy, overweight or obese, deficient in vitamin D, and had pre-existing medical and health conditions. THOSE are especially the people who need fitness and exercise – it has nothing to do with a vaccine. Living an unhealthy lifestyle raises your risk for more than just this virus with a 99% survival rate. We’re talking about cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and many other conditions and diseases.

It’s not any more complicated than that. Look, I’m not saying healthy people didn’t get sick or even die. But the statistics show healthy individuals were much better off as a whole when compared to those who were unhealthy and overweight (and who are living an unhealthy lifestyle).

But what happened in 2020? Everything went into lockdown. Gyms were closed. And Americans from coast to coast were left gaining weight. They overate to comfort the stress and lived a more sedentary lifestyle. Again, right now, what they need more than anything is EXERCISE.

Why would Retro Fitness ONLY provide a promotion to those who get vaccinated? Honestly, I think it’s a terrible idea. It’s like a company pushing its political beliefs. It’s going to make some people happy, and others will be pissed off and never want to do business with them.

Retro Fitness should focus on being inclusive to everyone and promote getting back in the gym (regardless if you got the vaccine or not). There are so many ways to market around reopening following the pandemic, and that the fact that Retro Fitness went in this direction really has me losing some respect for their leadership. Fitness and the vaccination have nothing to do with one another.

Gym Business Is Down: Why Would You Promote a “Deal” Like This?

While gyms aren’t back to 100% capacity due to restrictions, wouldn’t you want to sign up as many new members as you can, now that everyone is thinking about their health and fitness? Why would you want to ultimately push some people away by them seeing a promotion around a vaccine and having them not be a part of it because they aren’t comfortable with getting the vaccine or simply choose not to?

I mean, personally, if I was looking at Retro Fitness and another gym and I saw Retro Fitness had a promotion that didn’t include me, I’d spend my money elsewhere as I’d feel that gym isn’t for me. I hate everything about this Retro Fitness promotion.

All I heard about in the news in 2020 is how gyms, restaurants, and bars were getting crushed due to the pandemic restrictions. Right now, most places are opening their doors and screaming at the top of their lungs to “COME ON IN!” Why would you do that and basically say, “NOT YOU,” to a certain group of people who may now feel like you don’t respect them or their decision not to get vaccinated, and therefore the promotion excludes them?

Poor move Retro Fitness. I expected something this stupid from Planet Fitness, not you.

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