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NAC Supplements Get Banned by the FDA?

by Matt Weik

Over the years, we’ve watched the FDA strip away ingredients and supplements that ACTUALLY WORK. Why does the FDA have such a hard-on for the supplement industry? Is it because supplements that actually work are taking away from Big Pharma, and therefore, they step in to protect these pharmaceutical crooks… I mean companies? In their latest edition of, “I have nothing better to do so let’s ban a supplement,” the FDA decided to reverse a decision that has been around for a long time and ban NAC (N acetyl cysteine) from being sold over the counter.

It seems like we go through this every year where the FDA has too much time on their hands. Let’s discuss.

Big Pharma Influenced the Banning of NAC Supplements?

First off, I don’t have all of the answers here, and I’m not going to pretend that I know something that no one else does. I’m just going off of my opinion and what I think happened. However, at this point, the FDA hasn’t provided a true reason as to why NAC supplements were a target and are being banned from being sold as a dietary supplement. So, we can only speculate.

Mind you, Big Pharma has NAC available through prescriptions. Gee, I wonder if they had something to do with this decision? Could it be that they are losing money because NAC supplements are nothing more than an amino acid that helps you make glutathione which is an incredibly potent immune booster and liver antioxidant (to help protect the liver)?

Or could it be that glutathione has been a hot topic of conversation lately due to the pandemic and some experts saying that glutathione can help protect you from getting the virus and minimize symptoms should you contract it?

Here’s something I don’t understand… unless banning NAC supplements was just the first step, why would they ban NAC supplements when you can go out to a drug store or even your local grocer who sells supplements and buy straight glutathione supplements?

NAC supplements can also be used as an expectorant to help improve air passageways by loosening the accumulation of mucus that can cause congestion. This caused NAC supplements to be a good option for those who didn’t want to go get a prescription to clear up their congestion issues. And honestly, I don’t blame them.

I’ll do anything and everything I can to stay away from anything that comes from Big Pharma as I don’t trust a single product they put out. If you look at the side effects of all prescription drugs, the side effects are worse than whatever symptoms you’re currently suffering from.

Supplement Brands Are Now Scrambling

If you are in the industry and have been on social media, you would see many supplement brands scrambling to figure out what to do next. Do they fight it? Do they continue to allow the FDA the ability to (on a whim) ban anything they want – like they just did with NAC supplements? Do they completely wipe any supplement that contains NAC in their formula? Do they try to reformulate to save the product? There’s so much to consider and take into consideration.

That being said, Amazon has just stuck their thumb up the ass of every supplement brand that had NAC supplements or supplements that contained the ingredient. Many brands found out that Amazon (without notice) pulled NAC supplements from their website.

Look, Amazon has the ability to do what they want on their site (which includes them having illegal peptides for sale on the site and in a statement saying they did nothing wrong selling them – kind of hypocritical, no?) but completely pulling the products without notice to the brands is pretty shitty if you want my honest opinion.

What are these supplement brands supposed to do with these NAC supplements that retailers are going to be asking for the brand to pay to return the product and issue a chargeback? Not only will these supplement brands take the hit on paying to ship them back, but if they can’t sell them, they lose the profits from the supplements as well. Most brands will probably end up destroying the NAC supplements if they aren’t able to quickly liquidate them or will simply tell the retailer to destroy the product (which you know they’ll sell through the inventory to make a profit and still put a chargeback through to the supplement brand.

Many people may say, “Well, these supplement companies knew this was coming down the pipeline, so they should have planned better and pivoted.” Yeah, I get it. But the fact of the matter is still that NAC supplements are nothing more than an amino acid and antioxidant product. I mean, seriously, does this not sound completely ridiculous, or am I missing something here?

Anything That Works Gets Banned

Look back through history, and you’ll find that any supplement that worked exceptionally well but had even the slightest edginess to it was banned. Were there people who abused the supplements and had issues? Absolutely. I’m not going to sit here and tell you it never happened. However, maybe the FDA should look at all of the adverse effects and deaths that take place from people using prescription drugs (as recommended, not even abused). The pharmaceutical industry is much more dangerous than the supplement industry ever was or ever will be.

I’m not sure how to fix this issue or what can be done to stop the FDA from making these stupid decisions on the fly without any real reason. Why is it that anything that can improve the health of people is only good for big pharma (and even that is laughable as big pharma isn’t concerned with health or curing people, they just want to manage them enough to keep them as a customer for life – they only care about making money).

Get It While You Can!

If you want to get your hands on NAC supplements, I recommend you go buy them as soon as you’re done reading this article while you still can. I’m sure there will be some people who go purchase everything they can find and then sell them online for a profit (and good for them, that’s the entrepreneurial spirit by flipping things).

But if you can buy them and are truly interested in using them, many of the NAC supplements you find should have well over a year’s worth of shelf-life on them, so you can stock up without having to worry that the product will go bad on you before you can use it all up.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think NAC supplements should have been banned, or is the FDA, yet again, targeting the supplement industry unfairly and trying to protect Big Pharma? Let us know down in the comments.

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