LinkedIn: The Fitness Professionals Secret Platform for Growth?

by Matt Weik

Do you own a fitness business? What are you doing to network and build your business and awareness? Anything? Do you utilize social media? While platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are flooded with fitness professionals, there is one platform that is underutilized, in my opinion but seems to be gaining some momentum. That platform is… LinkedIn.

Years ago, LinkedIn was the forgotten about platform because it was thought of as only a place where business professionals would update their profiles to show off their achievements, accolades, and online resumes. And while that used to be the case, it’s not anymore.

Millions of users are using LinkedIn in a similar fashion as what Facebook is used for. Fitness professionals are posting about health and fitness topics, content they’ve created, new career endeavors, and more. The next question I have for you is, “Why aren’t you utilizing LinkedIn?”

Fitness Professionals Should Be There or Be Square

All joking aside, the heading is correct. In order to move your business, you need to get things rolling. Rolling is best suited for objects that resemble a circle. What does a square do? It just sits there without any motion unless an outside force acts upon it. If you’re running your business, you want it to be continually growing – you don’t want it to be at a standstill.

Now mind you, LinkedIn isn’t a “hip” social media platform. Its primary use is for business professionals to network, make posts, get their ideas out in front of a group of peers, as well as help people understand who you are, what you do, what you’ve done, and how you can potentially help them.

What are the Capabilities of LinkedIn?

LinkedIn, like Facebook and other social media platforms, allows you to connect with others. You send other business professionals a request to connect, and they either accept or decline. On the home screen, you are able to scroll through your feed (just like you would on Facebook), see what today’s trending news and views are, see how many people have viewed your profile recently, and how many views you have on your recent post.

The most significant capability and the one that I, personally, use the most is the ability to actually make posts. The platform resembles that of Facebook in that you can add text, images, video, links, documents, and more. You might be asking, “Well, why would I need LinkedIn if I already have Facebook, and what you’re telling me, Matt, is that they are very similar and do the same thing essentially?” Great question and the answer is what 14-year-old cares about anything you have to say about business on Facebook? Not… A… Single… One. So, why would you waste your time and energy putting information out there for a demographic that cares nothing about what you have to say or even understands the terminology you’re using? Another answer… You shouldn’t be.

When you make a post, others are able to like, comment, and share your post. For instance, if you post an article you wrote or found that covers a topic in your industry, others have the ability to read it, share it, and make comments on your post about it (again, similar to Facebook). This is a great way to get your information, posts, fitness business out in front of other business professionals (including fitness professionals) to build brand awareness and website traffic and even convert more sales.

If people have questions for you, such as getting to know you, your business, your background, your product/service, or whatever other questions they may have, they can actually message you privately directly on the platform. These messages stay between you and the other party and are not publicly published anywhere. Private messaging is a great way to introduce yourself to someone new or someone you are interested in doing business with. Reach out to c-suite executives and ask if you can help them maintain their health and fitness level.

One thing that everyone should understand is that money follows attention. And if you don’t have the attention, no one knows who you are, which means no one knows about your product or service, which means no one is doing business with you. The end result? You go out of business – not a happy ending.

It Makes Sense to Fish Where the Fish Are, Right?

Tying in with what was said above, if you aren’t targeting the right demographic, you’re essentially wasting your time, efforts, and even money if you are boosting posts or paying for things like Facebook ads that don’t convert. If the people you are trying to get in front of are business professionals who you can help them improve their health and improve their productivity through your fitness program, that’s where LinkedIn shines.

Looking for a New Job?

The last thing I want to touch on regarding LinkedIn is the ability to find new jobs. Fitness professionals around the globe are posting their resumes, telling people via their profile that they are actively seeking new opportunities, and reaching out and touching prospective clients they would like to work with – all from the LinkedIn platform.

You may need to be a little secretive in doing such if you’re currently employed and don’t want your current employer to find out, but it’s definitely doable.

The Bottom Line

It’s very simple. If you aren’t using LinkedIn for your fitness business or to network with other fitness professionals, you’re truly missing out. The platform is 100% free and there for you to use at your disposal. There’s no better time than right now to sign up for a free account if you don’t currently have one. Do it today and start networking in a matter of minutes!

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