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If You Had One Wish to Bring Back a Discontinued Supplement

by Matt Weik

There have been so many launches of new supplements over the years that it has caused brands to take a step back and take a deep dive into their current portfolio and decide what products they should consider discontinuing. I thought it would be fun to reminisce about some of our favorite supplements that have been discontinued over the years and decided I’d give my opinion on what product I’d bring back if I had my way.

Now, there is one caveat to this list, I’m leaving prohormones off of the list. Sure, you could say you want the old school ErgoPharm 1-AD or Gaspari Novadex XT, the list goes on and on. However, I want you to think specifically about products that were discontinued and NOT banned.

If I were to choose just one product, it would be…

Bring BACK the MET-Rx RTD51 Mocha Blast

Disclaimer: I worked for MET-Rx for nearly a decade before starting Weik Fitness. I, personally, used the RTD51 Mocha Blast every day for years before it was discontinued. I have a ton of time under my belt with this product and me wishing it would come back has nothing to do with the relationship I had with the brand. It was simply a dang good product (in my opinion).

All that being said, don’t judge me. In your head, I just heard you say, “WTF Matt…” I get it! It’s not the sexiest product and it’s for that reason I feel that MET-Rx killed it off. But there’s a method behind my madness and a bunch of reasons why I feel this was an underrated and underutilized supplement on the market.

For starters, I think it was somewhat before its time. No other company at that time that MET-Rx had it’s RTD51 Mocha Blast was including caffeine in their protein shakes. For those who used it and made sense of it, absolutely loved it. But unfortunately, the line was cut back dramatically and the Mocha Blast flavor was discontinued. Too bad, because with the huge caffeine and energy push the last several years, it could have really produced some killer sales numbers.

What was it about the MET-Rx RTD51 Mocha Blast that I liked which has it at the top of my list? Well, here are a few reasons to consider.

Quick and Easy Breakfast

When I was a regional sales manager, I spent nearly every day of the year on the road going from state to state. I was in and out of hotels all of the time and not all hotels had a decent breakfast. Therefore, I would always be sure to have an RTD51 Mocha Blast packed. Every morning I would start my day with a can of the RTD51 Mocha Blast and drink it while I was driving to my first meeting. It was literally part of my routine and made so much sense to me why I should include it in my daily nutrition (I’ll go more into this in a little bit).

It was a thicker shake which was nice as it was filling and kept me full until lunch.

51g of Protein

I can’t complain about 51g of protein to start my day. These days I sit here and drink a Muscle Milk RTD that only contains 25g of protein (less than half of what I was used to drinking). The RTD51 definitely made it easier to hit my daily protein intake as well while on the road traveling.

The protein source is the old school MET-Rx Metamyosyn VPR protein blend that consists of milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, and calcium caseinate. It’s not the most modern protein shake on the market without any source of isolates in it, but it did the job.

Great Overall Profile

The profile of the RTD51 Mocha Blast is really clean. The protein shake came in a tall 15 fl. oz. (443mL) can. With each protein shake you’re looking at 240 calories, 1.5g of fat, 6g of carbohydrates, 2g of sugar, 2g of fiber, and 51g of protein.

200mg of Caffeine

Yes, you read that correctly. The old school MET-Rx RTD51 Mocha Blast was slammed with 200mg of caffeine. Heck, there are some pre-workouts on the market that don’t even have that much caffeine in their product, let alone a protein shake.

The RTD51 Mocha Blast was a fantastic morning beverage to kickstart your day. You were literally getting several cups of coffee worth of caffeine in a 15 fl. oz. protein shake.

Amazing Flavor

If you’re not a fan of coffee, then this flavor obviously wouldn’t be for you. That being said, if you don’t like coffee then what’s the matter with you? We can’t be friends if you don’t drink coffee. In all seriousness, the MET-Rx RTD51 Mocha Blast had a nice rich coffee and mocha flavor to it. It had some sweetness to it yet had the bite of a strong cup of coffee.

Kill 2 Birds with 1 Stone

Overall, the MET-Rx RTD51 Mocha Blast was the BEST morning protein shake hands down ever on the market. Nothing has come close to it, but I’d love for a brand to read this article and say, “We can make that and make it even better.” Who’s up for the challenge? And while you’re at it, throw me a bone with a pallet of it for the great idea I just gave you.

If you were to purchase the shake back in the day you would have been paying anywhere from $4 to $5. That may seem super expensive, but you have to take into consideration that it’s 51g of protein and contains 200mg of caffeine. So, not only are you looking at a protein-packed shake but also your morning cup of coffee that you’d be saving money on by skipping the Starbucks line on your way to work. Add in those two factors and hands down, the MET-Rx RTD51 Mocha Blast was the best bang for your buck protein RTD on the market during its time.

Someone bring this back or an RTD that is similar! And if you DO have a similar product and I’m not aware that it exists, hit me up! What product(s) do you miss being on the market? Did you have a favorite that was discontinued? Let us know down in the comments.

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