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Big Rob Fitness Is On The Rise!

by Christian Duque

In a world where social media is king and fans have an incessant appetite for new content, you have to really be on your game, if you want to rise to the top. Consistency is huge, you have to be ready to really pay your dues, you have to cut your teeth, and you can’t expect the keys to the kingdom to just magically fall from the sky, right into your hands. Most people will start an Instagram, maybe a Facebook group, and a select few will start YouTube channels and post material.

Sadly, the vast majority of content creators fall by the wayside because they can’t process not being successful out of the gate. Imagine spending hours brainstorming a topic, producing a video, and then promoting it, only to get minimal views. Most people can’t do that, their egos won’t allow them to. Some may be able to hang for a while, but ultimately, they just can’t fathom not being huge. Guys like Big Rob Fitness know better, they see the big picture, and they know what needs to be done. The truth is, anyone can download free social media apps. Having the apps and/or being on the platforms, alone, is good and fine, but that’s all it is. The followers, likes, and comments only come when content is high quality and consistent. Big Rob knows this as well. So who is Big Rob and why should you care? Why is his star finally rising?

Usually when I write an article on someone I like to include their first and last name; however, I also know that in fitness, people like to assume alternate identities. It’s no different than rockstars. For example, not many people have heard of Stanley Eisen, but everyone knows who Paul Stanley is. Not many know who Frank Ferrana is, but everyone is familiar with Nikki Sixx. Also, many competitors opt to use different names because while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with competing, they may not want that part of their lives to follow them into the workplace. As I’m sure many of you can appreciate, the corporate world (for example) may not be the most accepting and understanding when it comes to posing on stage. Anyways, I wanted to make that clarification because I think you, as the reader, should know the basis for the omission. In any event, much like with the rockstar examples, if I was to say Rob’s full name, many of you would know who I’m talking about, but if I say “Big Rob Fitness” or “Big Rob TV,” then all of you would be like “oh that guy!!” That’s my whole point.

I have to say that it makes me very happy to see Rob’s star rising. Here’s a guy who’s always tried to help others, but who got caught up in drama, and for a minute, maybe thought the world was coming down on him. That’s part of the pressures that come with dealing with toxic people. For example, there are certain media outlets whose only claim to fame is stirring up drama. They don’t just engage in pettiness, they thrive on it. There are also fans who fall into this category. They’re not bad people, per se, they’re just bored. The problem is, when bored fans have social media, they can turn quite hateful and obsessive. This is another reason why so many would-be social media personalities fail – once they become persona non grata with certain fans, they simply can’t endure the abuse, so they quit. Some not only quit, but they totally disappear from the industry. The fact is, it takes a certain type of person to be able to share their lives and take the hits along with the accolades. If you can’t share your journey, you won’t succeed. If you can’t process negativity, you’re done for. Big Rob has truly paid his dues and his time is coming. It’s well deserved.

Big Rob is from Detroit, Michigan, the motor city. He’s a successful businessman, with some very impressive contacts, but when it comes to the iron game, it’s all about love. This is a guy who lives to train, his strength is through the roof, and he knows about the sport. It’s one thing to lift, but to know about the sport of bodybuilding, to show respect to the greats, and to really appreciate the history, that’s what defines a real fan.

Beyond that, Rob is truly an ambassador for fitness and clean eating. He doesn’t just preach it – he lives it. Some of his best videos are where he sits down for a meal and talks to his fans. He shares what he’s eating, he talks about what muscle groups he trained that day, and he uses the opportunity to interact with his viewers. When celebrities are only about themselves, the gap between them and their fans starts to widen; pretty soon, celebrities lose touch with reality. That’s not a good place to be. If fans no longer identify with you, they’ll find another star to support. That’s just how the cookie crumbles.

Moreover, the fact that Rob promotes humanity is huge. It’s definitely needed in a world that’s easy prey for hustlers and con artists. The fact is, he’s put up with a lot and I’m sure if he could go back in time, there’s probably things he would have done differently. Then again, I think we’d all jump at such an opportunity. Afterall, hindsight is always 20/20. That being said, our past is definitely part of our present and will invariably play a role in our future.

Rob is in a very good place now – perhaps the best place he’s been when it comes to his brand. Remember folks, your name and everything you do, is your brand. Rob does pranks, he trains, he’s a commentator and a motivational speaker. He’s working with The Delray Misfits and by that, I mean he’s met with them, trained with them, and broke bread with them. He’s doing videos with Cassady Campbell, a huge YouTube celebrity, and he’s also appearing on media outlets like RX Muscle as a billed guest. What I mean by billed guest is that he’s featured. It’s one thing if you just happent to join a show or your name happens to come up. It’s quite another thing, if you’re on the marquee, and you’re a major part of the program’s promotions. In addition to be a guest, he’s now also being included as a commentator, and that also shows a key progression in his status in the industry.

Please be sure to show Rob your support. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my article, here, at Iron Magazine. Be sure to follow and subscribe to BRTV’s platforms. As always, I look forward to reading your feedback in the comments.

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