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10 Ingredients to Improve Libido in Men and Women

by Matt Weik

With the stigma surrounding the lack of sexual appetite that people are suffering from, many products have begun to flood the market, touting they’ll have you humping like rabbits in no time. However, people have often opted for natural substances over synthetic ones when it comes to helping improve libido.

To be more specific, the hunt for natural aphrodisiacs has been on the rise to not only enhance sexual appetite but to boost sexual performance as well. According to reports, 9% to 25% of American males suffer from psychogenic erectile dysfunction, and most of these people have often resorted to prescription drugs or therapy. The following ingredients will further substantiate the idea that consuming natural ingredients to improve libido has been backed by science and deemed effective.

1. Areca Catechu L. (Betel Nut)

Betel nut is the fourth most consumed substance in the world after nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. But honestly, you’ve probably never heard of it, and you’re not alone. It has been widely used in places like South East Asia and South Pacific islands for its euphoric and aphrodisiac properties. The reason for its aphrodisiac nature is the presence of alkaloids like arecoline and guvacoline.

2. Citrus Aurantium L (Bitter Orange)

You’ve probably seen bitter orange in many fat burners and thermogenic’s out on the market. Sometimes this ingredient is also labeled as seville orange. Regardless of what you call it, bitter orange is considered among the best foods to help improve libido. It is found sporadically in Arabia, Africa, and parts of Italy and Spain. Over the years, it has been used to treat rheumatism and accentuate sexual desire.

3. Mitragyna Speciosa Korth (Kratom)

Kratom is an herbal concoction made from the leaves of the plant mentioned above. It is native to the South Asian countries of Thailand and Malaysia, where it has been studied and explored thoroughly for its narcotic and sexual enhancing effects. More than 40 different alkaloids were sourced out of Kratom. According to reports, La Bryer discovered that Kratom also has a restoring effect on testosterone.

4. Asian Ginseng and American Ginseng

Even though 12 different varieties of Ginseng species were discovered, only the Asian and American variant is of use to us. Ginseng is among the most ancient and sought-after ingredients to help improve libido, as it can be found in ancient Chinese manuals. The presence of Rg1 may increase the duration of erection in males, and P. Ginseng has been known to increase potency. Overall, if you are looking to help naturally improve libido, it’s hard to pass on this ingredient.

5. Pausinystalia Johimbe

Also known as Yohimbe, this plant belongs to the Rubiaceae family that has made West Africa its breeding ground. The bark of the Yohimbe plant has been used for years for the treatment of sexual impotence and improving erectile functioning. According to studies, Yohimbine, a product of the tree, is used to block α2R in the locus coeruleus to enhance sexual performance and improve libido.

6. Piper Methysticum G. Forst (Kava)

Primarily found in the Western Pacific Islands, Kava, also known by the name ava or yagona, is a plant that grows in the humid tropical climate. Not only does it count among the foods to help improve libido, but it has also been treated as a sacred plant in its native land. Kava extracts resemble the effects of benzodiazepines which deter the MAO-B and can improve potency.

7. Muira Pauma

Muira pauma is one of the most talked-about trees nesting in the lap of the Amazonian rainforests. The communities around this area have used the roots of the tree for the treatment of depression and to help improve libido. The root is often used along with alcohol as a drink. Ethno pharmacological reports suggest that the roots interact with the dopaminergic system to cause the boost in libido.

8. Sceletium Tortuosum (Kanna)

Kanna, also sometimes referred to as Channa, is a juicy fruit of a perennial plant that is primarily found in South Africa. It is consumed in various forms by the natives – sometimes as a drink and sometimes used to smoke. The Mesembrine present in Kanna has alkaloids that deter serotonin reuptake and hence is among one of the best foods to help improve libido.

9. Lepidium Meyenii Walp (Maca)

Very few people can contend against the benefits of Maca. Found as an herbaceous plant in the Andes Mountains, this plant has been used for ages to boost sexual potency and improve libido in men and women. Since the 1990s, however, there has been an institutionalized medical interest, with maca being made into capsules and even liquor.

10. Ashwagandha

Found in the tropical and subtropical niches of the world, Ashwagandha is an evergreen shrub that has been used for various purposes and is one of the hottest ingredients found in supplement formulas today for its various benefits. In the case of this article, it is used to improve libido, and the sexual performance benefits date back to over 5000 years ago when it was also deemed a very potent antioxidant, diuretic, and anti-inflammatory.

There have been other plants as well that have served the same purpose, like Damiana which is well known for its ability to stimulate the sexual appetite in men, and the Voacanga Africana, a shrub that has the same functions. That said, if you want to improve libido, consider looking for a supplement that strictly contains one of the above ingredients or look for a libido booster that includes one or more of the ingredients listed above.

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