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SmartSweets Gummy Worms: Guilt-Free Halloween Candy?

by Matt Weik

Even as messed up as 2020 has been, there have been some pretty cool product launches that have taken place. And if you know me, you know I love unique and functional products – this article is no different. I like giving credit where credit is due and showcasing various products I think you’ll find really cool. Well, today I’m going to introduce you to SmartSweets Gummy Worms.

With Halloween right around the corner, things may look a little different this year (if they don’t cancel the holiday altogether (which would be a shame). That said, I’ve never been a fan of the holiday as I’m not a candy or sweets fan. But those who are, go crazy for bags full of candy. The downside is that each piece of candy is loaded with sugar and parents aren’t exactly thrilled about giving their kids a ton of sugary junk. Or, if you’re a big kid at heart, you know you shouldn’t be eating candy (it provides no nutritional benefit). That’s where SmartSweets Gummy Worms come into play.

SmartSweets Gummy Worms – A Better Gummy Handout Option?

The first thing that stands out to me with the SmartSweets Gummy Worms is the really cool packaging. It’s a small 50g bag in a dark purple. In opposite corners, you will find spiderwebs really playing off of the Halloween vibes. The callout on the front of the packaging is “Kick Sugar, Keep Candy” which I thought was smart marketing. Everything about the packaging screams Halloween.

There’s no shortage of flavor either. Each bag of SmartSweets Gummy Worms contains pink lemonade, strawberry, blue raspberry, pineapple, peach, and cherry.

When you look at the profile, it’s not horrible considering what it’s supposed to be replacing (the original sugary gummy worms). Each bag of SmartSweets Gummy Worms contains 110 calories, zero fat, 36g of carbohydrates (18g of net carbs), 4g of sugar, and 4g of protein. You can’t be mad at that. And being a gummy, you’re going to need to put in the work chewing them up so it’s not like a candy bar where you could down a bunch of bars in a matter of a few minutes.

I also like that brands, like with the SmartSweets Gummy Worms, are getting away from a lot of the junk that brands are known for adding to make them look and taste better. These Smart Sweet Gummy Worms do not have any artificial colors or sweeteners and does not contain any added sugar to the product (nor any sugar alcohols). I tip my hat as most brands have a bunch of various colors in their products and will use artificial colors.

A box of the SmartSweets Gummy Worms contains 12 individually packaged bags. The product is also gluten-free, non-GMO, and is interestingly enough plant-based.

Here’s Where Things Get Scary (Cue the Murder Movie Background Music)

Before I get to the murder scene of this movie, I just want to say I’m more than thrilled with the product SmartSweets launched with their gummy worms. But as with any good horror movie, there’s a twist that you weren’t necessarily expecting that drops you like a sack of potatoes. What is that in the case of the SmartSweets Gummy Worms? It’s the price.

I kid you not, when I saw the price of these it was like a donkey kicked me straight in the nuts. Look, brands can price their product however the heck they want and there’s nothing we do to change their mind other than by simply not buying the product or even giving it trial.

I LOVE the product SmartSweets brought to market and see this as a REALLY cool Halloween treat to hand out. Being that I’m in the health and fitness industry, I try to hand out healthier options to kids who ring the doorbell, but my wife also sneaks in a bunch of candy for them to choose from.

That all being said, the price per 50g bag of gummy worms is $3. Listen, I’m not poor, but I’m not giving 75+ kids who come by a $3 bag of gummy worms. Truth be told, I wouldn’t even buy them for myself as a treat at $3 a bag.

Why would I say this after giving them so much praise? It’s very simple. The profile is good but does not warrant a price tag of $3 per bag when there are only 4g of protein in the product. I’ll spend $3 on a protein bar, a protein shake (RTD), ANYTHING with protein in it, and still be able to get a product that contains a minimum of 20g of protein.

Should You Add This to Your Spooktacular Halloween Candy Rotation?

If you are willing to fork out $3 per bag for the SmartSweets Gummy Worms, I think it’s totally awesome. That said, I can’t justify spending $3 per bag to hand out to nearly 100 kids. Would this be a cool treat for you and your family? Absolutely. However, I’m going to give you my opinion on the subject, and even with the cool factor, I personally do not have an interest in trying them. The 4g of protein per bag was a complete dealbreaker for me. Had they gone up to 15g or even a minimum of 10g of protein I may have tried them, but 4g won’t even get me out of bed in the morning.

Cool idea, great profile (minus the low protein content), and perfect timing with the Halloween season upon us. Scary Halloween packaging with an even scarier price point. A+ for the thought but overall, I would give this product a solid C- simply based on the extremely low protein content and high price tag.

Will you try these? Let us know down in the comments!

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