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Real Good Foods Co. Is Changing the Health Food Game

by Matt Weik

If you were to check out your local grocer, you may find a brand called Real Good Foods in the frozen food section. What I want you to do, is write this brand down on your grocery list. The next time you go grocery shopping, find this brand and pick a few items that sound interesting.

No, I’m not telling you how to spend your money – ok, yes I am. Go buy this brand and try their products. While there are many “healthy alternative” frozen food brands out there, I would consider Real Good Foods as one of the best. And no, I’m not getting paid to say that (but if Real Good Foods wants to send me a check, I’ll sign the back and cash it).

When you think about healthy frozen food and meals, you generally tend to think about products that taste like their packaging – cardboard. They lack flavor, they lack substance, and once you try one you never want to buy it again. With Real Good Foods, they are thinking outside the box when it comes to frozen food meals and they have created products that are not only good for you, but that tastes good too.

What Separates Real Good Foods from Everyone Else?

There’s really no “secret” to why Real Good Foods is a better option compared to some of the top-selling brands in each category. Real Good Foods sells products like pizza, breakfast sandwiches, stuffed chicken, enchiladas, cauliflower pizza crust (so you can make your own pizza creations), stuffed nuggets, various entrées, and their newest launch of premium ice cream.

Thinking about all of those items, what would you generally say the profile is like? You’d probably say high in calories, carbohydrates, and fat – right? Additionally, they are probably slammed with unhealthy ingredients, no? Well, you’d be correct. The point of differentiation between Real Good Foods and everyone else is that their products are low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and use real food ingredients. Sound good? Na, it’s better than good – they’re delicious.

Every product in their portfolio is grain-free, contains zero added sugar, and is something you can feel good eating and provide for your kids and family. Now, I’m going to be completely transparent here and I’m sure you’ll understand but the products themselves are definitely going to be more expensive than the competitors. A pizza (which isn’t large) will cost you according to the Real Good Foods website around $9-$10 depending on the size you go with (7″ or 10″ pizza).

While the price may cause you to pucker up a little bit, you also need to remember what you’re getting for the price. The pizzas have anywhere from 18-27g of protein – you’re not going to get that from other frozen pizza brands or your favorite local pizza shop.

Something else I saw before (but isn’t for sale on their website for some reason) is sushi. No, I kid you not. A healthier version of sushi. You may need to check your local grocer for these, though, as the only thing I found online is a video showing a commercial for the Real Good Foods sushi (which actually looked really good).

What’s This New Ice Cream All About?

Real Good Foods is all about providing you with healthy alternatives to some of your favorite “unhealthy” foods. With the recent move towards healthy ice cream that contains a fair amount of protein, Real Good Foods decided to create their own.

The tough thing about being successful in the ice cream category is that EVERYONE is creating their own and brands like Arctic Zero and Halo Top are holding strong and have most of the market share. Stealing business and market share from those two monsters in the industry will not be easy.

The Real Good Foods Premium Ice Cream is said to provide a real ice cream experience with real ice cream ingredients. If you’re like me, I just read that and thought to myself, “Then exactly how is it healthier?” Here’s the 411… Real Good Foods sweetens its premium ice cream with Allulose. They claim that Allulose is a naturally occurring sweetener that has no impact on blood sugar. The ice cream is made with fresh milk and cream and their “secret sauce” is a 16% butter fat which they say classifies their ice cream as “super-premium.”

The currently available flavors are chocolate, Tanzanian vanilla, mint chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, and a limited-edition mystery flavor that they mention won’t last long. Each order of ice cream from their website is shipped using dry ice to ensure it arrives fully frozen and fresh.

If you’ve had other “light ice creams” before, you know they can taste a little “weird.” Real Good Foods claims that its premium ice cream is extra creamy and does not have an icy or chalky texture.

Worth Implementing into Your Current Nutrition Plan?

Regardless if you are trying to cut back on carbohydrates or even follow the keto diet, the Real Good Foods products will suit your lifestyle and nutritional needs. They skip all the processed junk and provide you with a clean and healthy alternative that you can feel good eating.

I’d recommend giving Real Good Foods products a try if you can find them at your local grocery store. If you’ve had their products in the past, which are your favorite? Let us know down in the comments.

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