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Kenny KO Exposes Calum Von Moger But Who’s Really Wrong Here?

by Matt Weik

I really didn’t want to even chime in on this topic, but I feel someone needs to. While Kenny KO can be entertaining at times, I find he crosses the line more times than not. The natty or not callouts, the drama at expos, and now an all-time low, stepping in and getting involved with personal matters between Calum von Moger and his baby momma. In this article, I’m going to lay out my opinion of the situation as I have a totally different take on things. Is Kenny KO really the bad guy here? Is Calum von Moger? Maybe neither? Ooh, spoiler alert.

Kenny KO Exposes Calum von Moger? Hmm…

For months now Kenny KO has been talking about a video he wants to release “exposing” Calum von Moger. He told people on his YouTube channel that he is just waiting for confirmation. That confirmation as we found out was a paternity test showing that Calum von Moger is now a father.

Here’s where I’m going to break everything down. I’m not going to get involved with the he said she said banter between Calum and the woman he had a child with. As a father myself, he needs to man up and make sure he is there for his child. The child didn’t ask to be put in the middle of this drama and needs to have everything he needs to grow up feeling loved.

The bottom line is, it takes two to tango. You don’t have a baby by accident. When you do the deed and finish, that’s part of the process. Whether it creates a human being or not isn’t exactly in either of their control. But simply doing the act comes with responsibility and the chance of having a child. Do I think Calum von Moger didn’t say anything because he didn’t want it to hurt his image? Maybe? I’m not Calum and I don’t like to assume things. Maybe he just wanted to wait to make sure it was his since he and the woman were not exclusive?

There are also some texts between Calum von Moger and the woman that may say Calum wanted nothing to do with the baby. Yet, in his video he released, he mentions he wants to take care of the baby and wants full custody to raise him and I can only go by the man’s words. Also, in the texts, he says he wants to provide for the baby and be in his life. It’s possible in the heat of the moment Calum said some things he didn’t really mean. But on the other hand, maybe he did mean them? Only time will tell as the custody battle plays out.

Here’s where I’m taking a different angle on things. There’s a process that goes into communicating that someone is the father of a baby. Should someone decide they do or don’t want to be a part of a baby’s life, there is still child support involved depending on who has custody. In order for all of that to get figured out, both parties must go to court. The fact that this woman went to Kenny KO to talk about this issue before everything was finalized has me scratching my head.

What was the purpose or reason for this woman to go to Kenny? It’s not like Kenny was in the delivery room when the baby popped out and on the birth certificate Calum’s name was on the dotted line and that’s how he found out. So, someone (probably the woman) had to tip Kenny off on it. This then caused the drama where Kenny called out Calum at an expo asking him why he ghosted a chick who said she just had his baby.

All of this should have been figured out by the courts (and the parties involved) and if Calum wanted to discuss it, he could have. But if he wanted to keep it private, so be it. It’s his personal matter and this whole thing should have stayed behind closed doors. The fact that this woman shared private information and details with Kenny KO makes me wonder if there is an ulterior motive?

In Kenny KO’s interview, the woman mentioned she doesn’t want to be with Calum and wants what’s best for him and his career. My question would be, how does that align with going on a gossip YouTubers platform and talking about Calum? Again, I’m not picking sides here, I’m just openly speaking my opinion of how I’m (personally) breaking all of this down in my head.

What exactly do you think is going to happen when Kenny KO publishes the interview on YouTube? Did she expect people to rally around Calum von Moger and all of a sudden offer him roles in movies after the things she said? So, things aren’t exactly adding up.

Where Does Kenny Come into Play with All of This?

Ultimately, Kenny KO was just the messenger. And while you can’t shoot the messenger for this, he does need to understand that what he did should have never happened. It’s not his business to get in the middle of. He should have sat back with the information he had with a bag of popcorn and watched how this all played out. These personal matters should have never been touched by anyone other than Calum von Moger and this woman.

And if you’ve noticed, I haven’t mentioned her name or the baby’s name out of respect for their privacy as she is currently in custody of the baby and caring for him and does not need additional drama by dropping her name in this article.

However, I have to put the blame here on Kenny and the woman. If a personal matter happened with Kenny, I’m sure he would want it to be handled privately. For instance, his latest breakup with his girlfriend. What information does she have on Kenny? What dirt could she bring up or shade be thrown at him? I’m sure there’s something. But she didn’t come out and do an interview with people talking about her relationship with Kenny and where it went wrong. And at the same time, who cares? It’s none of our business – it’s between them.

In closing, I think Kenny should have minded his own business. What good can come from calling Calum out? Clearly, there is something in the works legally and that’s where all of this should have gone and been kept until Calum would decide (if at all) to talk about the situation. I hope and suggest he drops this subject and moves onto something that actually brings his audience value.

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