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Jay Glazer Launches a Supplement Line Through GNC?

by Matt Weik

Just when you think you’ve seen everything in the supplement industry, here comes Jay Glazer saying, “HOLD MY BEER!” I swear you can’t make this stuff up. In his interview with NutraIngredients-USA, he mentions this partnership is like a dream, and he’s waiting to wake up and none of it to have happened. Well, I’m going to give him a year before that becomes a reality, and the business fails miserably.

Listen, I’m not going to sugar-coat this article. You all know (for those who follow me) I’m a straight shooter. This supplement line is a complete train wreck. No one gives two shits about Jay Glazer or his supplement line. He’s a FOX Sports analyst and MMA trainer. I’m the first to pat people on the back for starting a business, but this is just idiotic.

Disclaimer: This article is solely my opinion on the topic.

Jay Glazer and His Stupid Business Move

For starters, if you walk down the street and ask ten people who Jay Glazer is, you’re going to get a deer in the headlights look. Maybe one person would actually know who he is. His name in the supplement industry doesn’t mean anything. It’s simply the truth. Who exactly is going to buy his supplement line? If it weren’t for this interview, I would have never even known he was an MMA trainer or that he started a supplement brand with GNC.

No offense, but he’s the face of the brand? He’s not doing the brand any help. That’s the harsh reality. Most people who are the face of a brand are ripped, in shape, muscular, or at the least an actual celebrity. I can’t imagine anyone who would get excited to even try his products. You can say it’s rude to say all of that, but I’m sick of these people who think they are celebrities believing they can start a supplement line.

There are a lot of stupid things that people can throw money into, and building a supplement brand with zero innovation, zero industry knowledge, and zero differentiation is essentially like taking money, throwing it into a garbage can, and lighting it on fire. It’s stupid.

GNC Was the Best Partner for This Supplement Line?

The next punch to the gut for this supplement brand is that it’s “Fueled by GNC.” What a joke. Does anyone even shop there anymore? I mean, the brand means nothing anymore. They’re bankrupt, trying to secure funding to even hold onto what little business they have left, and they’re building supplement lines for people? You’re kidding me. LOL

Why don’t they pay their bills and investors first? They owe a bunch of supplement companies millions of dollars, too, that they have yet to pay.

Personally, I’m not going to support GNC, and I haven’t for years. I don’t care if they WERE one of the first supplement retailers out there. They’re outdated, their salesclerks push whatever makes them the most commission, and they’re not knowledgeable at all about supplements. These people are talking bobbleheads that regurgitate whatever GNC tells them to say.

There’s Nothing Special About These Supplements – NOTHING!

I guess I should at least mention the name of the brand since it’s probably the only time you’ll ever hear about it until it fails and makes the news for being, yet, another GNC failure. The name of the supplement line is “Unbreakable Performance Fueled by GNC.” I chuckled even typing that name.

If you know anything about what’s going on with GNC, Jay’s quote should have you rolling on the floor. Here is the direct quote:

“With GNC in my corner – a pioneer in the sports nutrition industry that continues to drive innovation – it was a no-brainer to create a clean product line that’s full of everything you need and nothing you don’t.”

You can’t be serious, right? Is he delusional? Jay Glazer has clearly taken one too many punches or kicks to the head from his MMA training. GNC and innovation do not go together at all. There has been nothing innovative through GNC in years, which is probably why they are bankrupt. And claiming the line has everything you need and nothing that you don’t? Congrats, it’s the same song and dance pulled by everyone in the industry. Again, there’s absolutely, positively, nothing special about the line from Jay Glazer that should make anyone want to buy his products.

The line has products that include protein powders, a pre-workout, amino acids, and protein shakes. He literally took the most competitive categories to launch with and thinks this will be successful? Guys, I’m really trying here. I really am. I mean, I’m trying hard to find at least one positive from this supplement line.

Ok, I did find ONE positive. The supplement line supports veterans. I applaud that. But wait, Redcon1 and other brands also do this. So, where is the differentiation between his vanilla brand and others who are doing millions of dollars in sales and supporting the same cause? *sigh*

I’m going to close this article out. I’ve said more than enough, and quite frankly, I don’t want to give this brand any more attention as it’s not worth any more of my time. In a year, scratch that. In a month, no one will ever remember this brand exists. While I wish Jay Glazer the best of luck, I don’t see this brand going anywhere.

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