Is the New MET-Rx Metamyosyn Protein Powder a Refreshing Upgrade?

by Matt Weik

It should come as no surprise that I want to review a brand that I spent a good part of my career trying to help build. I gave my life to MET-Rx, putting everything else on hold to travel from state to state, building sales and relationships. When my time with the brand came to an end, there wasn’t much going on with MET-Rx other than the brand managers cutting the SKUs in half and discontinuing much of what I was out there selling. There wasn’t any true innovation going on at the time and when I left, I figured they may have a couple of years left before they go out of business or Nature’s Bounty would sell them. Then I find out they are launching a new MET-Rx Metamyosyn Protein Powder.

If you’re an OG in the supplement world, you’re well aware that back in the day, Dr. Scott Connelly built the brand off the back of the MET-Rx Metamyosyn Protein Powder formula. It was his precise blend of proteins that helped catapult the brand and skyrocket sales. But over the late 90s and 2000s, the MET-Rx Metamyosyn Protein Powder seemed to have been pushed to the side – not by the brand, but rather the consumers.

MET-Rx kept the Metamyosyn protein blend in their meal replacement packets as well as the Protein Plus protein powders. What many failed to realize was that the Metamyosyn blend was still in all of their MET-Rx Big 100 bars as well. But to tell you the truth, no one paid any attention to it, bought them for that reason, or even cared that Metamyosyn was used in the product. In fact, if you ask anyone today what Metamyosyn protein means in the Big 100 bars or even the other powders, I’m willing to bet that 95% of the consumers haven’t got a clue.

Don’t Call It A Comeback

Upon the news dropping that the brand is launching their MET-Rx Metamyosyn Protein Powder, there was supposed to be four flavors hitting the shelves – Chocolate Molten Cake, Peanut Butter Stuffed Cookie, Vanilla Snickerdoodle, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

I was able to get my hands on three out of the four flavors with the only one missing being the Pineapple Upside Down Cake (the flavor I was looking forward to the most). Now, as you know, I’m brutally honest. I’ve been critical of the MET-Rx protein powders ever since I worked there. While there was nothing wrong with the profile, it was the flavor I felt was lagging. The one flavor that blew me away was when they created a Colossal protein powder and had an Apple Pie a la Mode flavor. In all honesty, that was the best tasting protein powder I ever had in my life – but for whatever reason, consumers wouldn’t even buy a tub to try.

With all of the hype on the brand’s social media about the launch of the MET-Rx Metamyosyn Protein Powder at the Arnold Classic, I chuckled as I thought this was going to be an epic failure and the last-ditch effort to place the paddles of the AED over the heart of the brand and shock it in an attempt to bring it back to life. But after trying the MET-Rx Metamyosyn Protein Powder, I was pleasantly surprised. Could this be what the brand needs to move forward in the specialty market and provide supplement stores and gyms with something they have been waiting for from the brand?

Worth the Price?

Some brands have 2lb and 5lb tubs of protein. MET-Rx had this for the longest time. They decided to move to a 4lb tub for their MET-Rx Metamyosyn Protein Powder in what I can only assume is a play to have a lower price point on shelf compared to those with 5lb tubs (all the tubs look the same size on shelf so unless you look at the weight on the label, you would assume the MET-Rx 4lb tub is the same as another brand’s 5lb tub).

Each serving of the MET-Rx Metamyosyn Protein Powder will provide you with 140 calories, 3g of fat, 6g of carbohydrates, less than a gram of sugar, and 24g of protein (according to the Chocolate Molten Cake profile). The product has a transparent label that clearly states all of the protein sources. For instance, you’re looking at 8g of whey protein isolate, 7.5g of whey protein concentrate, 6g of milk isolate, and 2.5g of egg white protein – providing a fast, medium, and slow-digesting protein sources. Each flavor will give you anywhere from 47-51 total servings per 4lb tub. According to Amazon, you can get yourself a tub for between $59 and $64.

Here’s where things get interesting. According to the MET-Rx website, the brand includes some unique ingredients. Prohydrolase® 50mg – a unique blend of protein-digesting enzymes. Before any nutrients can get to your muscles, enzymes must break down the nutritional components of the foods you eat in the digestive system. Bacillus coagulans MTC 5856 (1 billion CFU) – a probiotic, each serving delivers 1 billion CFUs of this beneficial bacteria. Velositol® Amylopectin Chromium Complex 1g – important for the metabolism of proteins to help your body utilize the proteins you eat. Utilizing proteins is an important part of the muscle-building process. They’ve also included 5.5g of BCAAs to the formula.

I find this unique as not a ton of brands are including things like probiotics or digestive enzymes in their products due to the cost. I’m glad to see MET-Rx include these items as I feel they are extremely important for most people to aid in the digestion and utilization of the protein.

Would I Buy It Again?

Overall, the flavors weren’t bad. I still want to get my hands on the Pineapple Upside Down Cake. The directions didn’t say how much water to add to a shaker, so after a little trial and error, I found for one scoop of protein a good amount of water ended up being 6oz. Anything more and I found it muted the flavor and watered it down too much. Would I get it again? Sure. I’d buy the MET-Rx Metamyosyn Protein Powder again and would recommend anyone looking to try something new, grab yourself a tub and try it for yourself.