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Icon Meals Launches an Innovative Iconic Protein Coffee

by Matt Weik

I’m willing to bet that there are two things in life that you love – protein and coffee. I mean, if you don’t like those two things, we can’t be friends. If you’re like me, not a day goes by that you don’t look forward to those two items. Morning, afternoon, evening, it doesn’t matter. It ranks up there with “give me liberty or give me death.” And recently I found out about a product by Icon Meals that combines both of them with an additional little treat. The product name? Iconic Protein Coffee.

Just the sound of that makes my mouth water. How many of you drink coffee in the morning? Do you use any type of creamer or sweetener in it? Probably, right? Have you ever used a protein powder as a sweetener? Ah, the lightbulb just turned on. It’s amazing and kills two birds with one stone. But what if you don’t have time to make a cup of coffee or you’re in a rush? That’s the beauty and convenience of Iconic Protein Coffee by Icon Meals.

Continuing to Innovate

If you’ve paid attention to Icon Meals, not only do they make some fantastic pre-made meals, but they have also branched out into protein popcorn, protein bread, protein cookies, protein crisps, and various seasonings. They have it all! But the one thing they were missing for the complete package and experience was coffee – that is until now.

Iconic Protein Coffee is a low-temperature spray dried coffee powder in a light roast flavor that can be used any time of day when you need some energy and protein. But that’s not all. They took things a step further by including the patented nootropic Cognizin. This ingredient provides you with citicoline that can supply you with the cognitive energy and focus needed to keep you crushing your day – no matter what you’re doing. Cognizin is a pure, vegetarian-friendly, and an allergen-free ingredient. Iconic Protein Coffee is also gluten-free and non-GMO.

This instant powdered coffee is loaded with additional caffeine anhydrous to up the total to 150mg per serving. Each tub contains 14 servings and will run you $29 on their website (breaking down to $2.07 per serving). For that price, it’s hard to pass up. Think about your Starbucks coffee you purchase. That’s running you WAY MORE than the cost of a single serving of Iconic Protein Coffee.

Each serving of the naturally flavored Iconic Protein Coffee will also provide you with 20g of premium whey protein from whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. The rest of the macros are pretty impressive as well, being only 120 calories, 3g of fat, 3g of carbohydrates, and 1g of sugar. The sweeteners used are Stevia, sucralose, and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). The flavor they launched with is Mocha Cappuccino and I can only assume that more flavors are in the works if this product takes off as I can only assume it will.

The Movement Has Started

A couple of years ago, I wrote some content surrounding the notion that supplement brands have been missing the boat when it came to coffee. It’s the most consumed morning beverage across the United States and while some brands had coffee-flavored protein, it has only really gained traction over the last year.

With Iconic Protein Coffee launching their own version of a protein coffee, I’m glad to see that they included nootropics in the formula as well to differentiate them from all of the other competitors out on the market – which nootropics just so happens to be another huge market right now as well.

While everyone has been dropping their prices and selling coffee for around $1 per cup, what’s missing is the nutritional benefit. For the extra dollar it would cost you over a standard cup of coffee at your favorite gas station, coffee shop, or fast-food restaurant, you’ll gain the additional nootropic benefits, increase in caffeine content, and a healthy 20g serving of quality protein. If that’s not a total win, I’m not sure what is.

How Can Iconic Protein Coffee Be Used?

Trick question! The answer is however the heck you want. Use it in the morning to help you roll out of bed and be firing on all cylinders. Use it in the afternoon to help you get through the afternoon energy drain. Use it to unwind in the evening with a good book (assuming you can still sleep after consuming caffeine – otherwise, skip this one). And an area many may not have thought about is as a pre-workout supplement. Yes, I said pre-workout.

Think about it. Protein can help feed and preserve your lean muscle tissue. The caffeine will help energize you so you can push yourself harder in the gym. And then you have the added nootropic in Icon Protein Coffee to help you stay focused in the gym and support a solid mind-muscle connection.

The versatility of this product is amazing! Now, when you order all of your other products from Icon Meals (you have tried their products before, right?), you can slap a tub of Iconic Protein Coffee on the order as well. Icon Meals is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop.

I, for one, will be loading up on this powder as I see the value in such a product – not to mention I’m a protein and coffee junkie. But what do you think of the newest addition to Icon Meals’ lineup? Will you be giving it a try or is it a hard pass? Let us know down in the comments.

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