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Health Benefits of Those Easter Eggs

by Matt Weik

When Easter comes around this April, many families will be decorating Easter eggs. They’ll go through the process of hard-boiling the eggs and then decorate them all with a variety of colors yet when all is said and done, they aren’t sure what to do with the eggs. Do you toss them in the trash? Heck no! You eat those little protein-packed gems!

There are many health benefits to consuming eggs. In the past, eggs have been demonized until research finally came out showing that the claims made against eggs were invalid. With that being said, eggs are definitely something you should consider adding to your weekly nutrition plan and since you already have the Easter eggs made, why not use them to your benefit?

The Many Benefits of Consuming Those Colorful Easter Eggs

Those Easter eggs you consume contain healthy fats that bring many benefits to humans. One egg contains around five grams of fat and about four grams of muscle-building protein.

When you look at hard-boiled Easter eggs, you will find the contents has both a yolk as well as the egg white portion. For some time, the yolk was thrown away by many as they thought it raised cholesterol and was unhealthy. Since then, research has shown that the yolk contains both quality protein as well as healthy fat. In addition, consuming eggs has been found to be not only a fantastic way to increase your daily protein intake, but it can also be used post-workout to aid in building quality lean muscle mass.

There are even studies that have shown the inclusion of the yolk rather than the egg white by itself can yield greater muscle growth potential. Why is this? Well, researchers found that consuming whole eggs following exercise has been shown to increase muscle-protein synthesis as compared to egg whites alone.

While the muscle-building capabilities have been seen by many, there are some other benefits to consuming those delicious Easter eggs you made for the holiday. Below are some of the health benefits you can attain.

Weight Loss

When looking to lose weight, it’s important to look for foods that are nutrient-dense yet don’t contain a ton of calories. Each whole egg is around 80 calories and thanks to the protein and fat content it will help you feel satiated longer (which can help prevent hunger pangs and prevent you from overeating throughout the day).

Eye Health

Research has shown that consuming whole eggs can actually help slow the progression of macular degeneration thanks to its carotenoid content – specifically the zeaxanthin and lutein.

Pregnancy Health

Ladies, this one is for you. If you consume eggs during pregnancy, it has been shown to help prevent birth defects thanks to the vitamins and minerals found in whole eggs. It should be noted, however, that you need to ensure the eggs you consume are fully cooked and not raw. But go ahead and eat those Easter eggs and take in some amazing nutrients like selenium, folate, and choline.

Cardiovascular Health

Help keep your heart healthy and lower your risk of stroke by consuming as many as seven of those delicious Easter eggs per week. It should go without saying, but heart health is extremely important since, well, it’s what keeps you alive. So, take care of your ticker by including some whole eggs into your nutrition on a weekly basis.

Brain Health

Other than your heart, the brain is another vital part of your body that you want to keep healthy. Choline found in whole eggs is extremely powerful and plays a role in regulation of the brain as well as the nervous system. In addition, the consumption of eggs on a regular basis has been found to help lower the rates of dementia.

Bone Health

Whole eggs contain a good amount of natural vitamin D. Vitamin D can not only help improve the overall quality of your bones and help them stay strong, but vitamin D also helps boost the immune system as well.

Hair and Nail Health

Those who consume whole eggs can drastically increase their levels of B12 as well as sulfur. If you are looking to improve the health of your skin and nails, adding more eggs to your nutrition can help both grow faster.

In conclusion, don’t shy away from those colorful Easter eggs and throw them away after the fun has ended and the holiday has passed. In fact, make it a point to consume more healthy whole eggs on a weekly basis to take in all of the health benefits.

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