Fitness Influencer OnlyFans: What Length Will You Go for Money?

by Matt Weik

I saw a post on Facebook a little while back that sparked a conversation in my head – yes, I ask myself questions and answer myself, don’t you? But all jokes aside, someone in the fitness industry was bitching about the newsletter he charges for and compared his newsletter (full of information that 1% or less of the population in the world would ever want to read) to a girl posting pictures of herself nude on a platform named OnlyFans.

As I read his post, a million things ran through my head. Is OnlyFans ridiculously dumb or is it entrepreneurship at its finest?

No One Cares About Your Newsletter, Jerry

Do you know what the internet is flooded with? Free information. Why someone would want to pay $10 for a health newsletter each month is beyond me. If I have a question or want to look for something, I go on Google and get my answer. I’m not sure why someone would want to pay $10 a month for something they can get for free.

But wait, isn’t that the same thing as OnlyFans? Hmm…

Are Fitness Influencers Getting into OnlyFans?

Without putting all of their names out there, the answer is a solid yes. Some people would look at this and gasp saying, “Eww, how could you?” Meanwhile, the fitness influencer is laughing all the way to the bank – and good for her.

So, let’s break down some numbers really quickly and I think you’ll get where I’m going with this. Let’s just say Sally is a fitness influencer and decides she could use a couple of extra bucks and opens up an OnlyFans account. She’s in shape, has a fantastic body, and gets daily DMs from guys asking for nudes anyway. The entrepreneur in anyone would look to monetize the opportunity and that’s what many fitness influencers and models do (even some competitors – both young and old).

There’s a long list of fitness fanatics who are into chicks who are in shape and look like a bikini competitor, fitness competitor, figure competitor, or even a muscular women’s bodybuilder. Are they wrong for going online and posting nudes for OnlyFans? Sure, there’s a moral aspect to it, but when you put that to the side and see the money you can make, it’s no wonder so many fitness influencers, models, and competitors are going this route.

But Even Porn These Days Is FREE

This is true. There are thousands if not millions of websites out there providing free porn to those who have a stockpile of moisturizer on their nightstand – or according to statistics, at their place of employment. “Sorry, I’m in the middle of something, come back later!”

There was a very well-known porn star that went to my gym back when I was training clients as a personal trainer for a chain of fitness centers and she and her husband were open about the lifestyle and profession. They were highly sought-after and got paid a good amount of money to do what they did. These days, many porn stars aren’t making anywhere near what she was making. That said, those who want to get into that “taboo” industry have other channels (like OnlyFans) to make some money.

What’s the benefit? There are actually a bunch. You can “work” from home, make your own schedule, make endless amounts of money, can work less than an hour each day, and do whatever you want without a director telling you what to do. The fact that porn is readily available everywhere on the internet drives the price down for “workers” as VHS tapes, DVDs, and paid sites aren’t getting as much action – therefore they need to look for better-paying jobs which is why many have turned to OnlyFans.

Where am I going with this? Times are changing and while porn has been around forever (think of the Playboy and Hustler days with magazine subscriptions), it’s evolved into what is known as OnlyFans and a subscription model.

Can a Fitness Influencer Make a Living on OnlyFans?

They can and many do. Now, again, there is a fine line of morals with posting on OnlyFans. I’m not encouraging that young women make an account and put their images out there for patrons to… umm… sit there and look at while moisturizing their dry hands? But who am I to judge if that’s the route someone goes? The downside is that it could hurt them if they try to get a job down the road and all of a sudden, your OnlyFans account comes up because the person interviewing you has a monthly subscription to your page. Oops! “So, did I get the job?” Wink Wink.

Now for the interesting part – the money. I look at OnlyFans no differently than I do Instagram. The only main difference is that Instagram is free and OnlyFans you pay a monthly subscription (oh yeah, and you’re nude on OnlyFans). But why not leverage both? That’s how most get their start on OnlyFans anyway. You have an Instagram fitness influencer or model with a million-plus followers posting sexy pics (with clothes on) and now all of a sudden, she’s pushing OnlyFans to see “not safe for Instagram” photos.

To make the numbers easy because I suck at math, if this fitness influencer has one million followers and she only gets 1% to join her OnlyFans account, that’s 10,000 monthly subscribers (1% would be a VERY low percentage but let’s run with it). OnlyFans accounts can decide how much they want to charge per month. According to Google, the average account charges $10 per month to subscribers. $10 per month multiplied by 10,000 subscribers would come to $100,000 per month in revenue.

Yeah, go pick your chin up off the floor. $100,000 per month to post pictures of yourself on a membership site. Let me ask the question again, is OnlyFans dumb or a great platform for those who are entrepreneurial? I’m not going to hate on a woman making $100,000 a month ($1,200,000 per year). Go make that money! And sorry Jerry, your health newsletter isn’t going to make you anywhere close to $100,000 per month – or per year for that matter. If I were you, I’d consider OnlyFans. On second thought… don’t do that either.