Dough Bar Healthy Cream-Filled Cupcakes? Watch Out, Hostess!

by Matt Weik

Have you been dying to have a Hostess cream-filled cupcake? Have you been watching your nutrition closely and cut out all of the junk (delicious food) in an effort to get your abs to pop? If you have, just the thought of a treat is enough to have drool dripping from your chin at the sight of a cream-filled cupcake. Well, get ready to wipe yourself. Now you can purchase healthy cream-filled cupcakes thanks to the folks over at Dough Bar.

I’ve done several articles about Dough Bar and their portfolio of products continues to grow as time passes and their products get more and more interesting. Their latest creation is their healthy cream-filled cupcakes.

Functional Foods Are Continuing to Set the Industry on Fire

As stated in the opening paragraph, some people are dieting, trying to lose weight, attempting to have their abs show up to the party, and improve their overall health. These individuals tend to deprive themselves of all the yummy treats and desserts so many Americans partake in each and every day. Dough Bar is completely changing the way we view “unhealthy” foods.

With the launch of their healthy cream-filled cupcakes, Dough Bar has been able to take those delicious Hostess cupcakes we grew up loving and turned them into a healthy alternative with added protein.

However, there is some bad news. Just like with so many of the Dough Bar products, these dang healthy cream-filled cupcakes can’t stay in stock. In usual Dough Bar fashion, these things sold out FAST. You literally need to be on their email list to get notified the second they drop or save the date and time in your phone as a reminder when they go live for sale on their website.

Dough Bar Healthy Cream-Filled Cupcakes vs Everyone

It’s Dough Bar healthy cream-filled cupcakes versus the world. I have yet to see anything like what Dough Bar has released on the market. The coolest part about this launch if that if you were to take Hostess cupcakes out of the packaging and put it next to the Dough Bar healthy cream-filled cupcakes, they look identical – even down to the little swirl on the top of the cupcakes. Granted, you apply the cream on the top yourself, but their product page photos look just like the Hostess product.

As mentioned, all of these healthy cream-filled cupcakes are sold out at the time of writing this article, but if you go on their website you can find more information regarding this product and their next launch.

You can (when in stock) buy these healthy cream-filled cupcakes in a 5 pack ($18) or 10 pack ($36). I hate to even mention this, but the (unhealthy) Hostess version you can buy for around $2.99 for an 8ct box. But let’s just forget I mentioned that price comparison.

The nutritional on these cupcakes are pretty good. As you’d expect, the calories are a little higher than most would like to see per cupcake, but you also need to consider the alternative version and its breakdown.

Each of these healthy cream-filled cupcakes is 285 calories, 16g of fat, 25g of carbohydrates, 3g of fiber, 15g of sugar, and 12g of protein. Now yes, the sugar is fairly high, but you would probably be eating these as a treat and not as an everyday snack. The cupcakes are said to be moist, soft, and contains an oozing vanilla cream filling.

What’s the real difference between the Dough Bar version and Hostess? The biggest difference is the protein content. The Hostess version only contains 1g of protein. However, some of the nutritional is slightly better. Due to it containing less protein, the overall calories per cupcake with the Hostess version is only 160 calories. But when you factor in Dough Bar has 11g more protein, that’s 44 calories right there. Hostess also has 6g of fat, 26g of carbohydrates (more than Dough Bar), 1g of fiber, and 18g of sugar (more than Dough Bar).

Another area where there is a noticeable difference is in the ingredient list. Hostess has a novel of a list while Dough Bar has a much more condensed list of ingredients with their healthy cream-filled cupcakes.

Innovation Leads the Way

If you can’t appreciate what Dough Bar is trying to do, then you must not be the type of person who loves to see healthy alternatives come to market. And oddly enough, I highly doubt you’d be reading this article if healthy alternatives weren’t of interest to you (either that or you work for Hostess and want to see what I’m saying about the comparison).

Either way, Dough Bar, with the launch of these healthy cream-filled cupcakes are telling everyone that they aren’t afraid to put out something extreme and see how it does. What’s even more impressive is that they are looking for feedback to make the product even better. At the time of writing this, they are currently working on the launch for Batch 3 of their healthy cream-filled cupcakes and each iteration contains improvements based on consumer feedback. Why don’t more brands listen to their customers!? I mean seriously, they’ll tell you everything they don’t like about the product if brands would just listen!

I appreciate the fact that Dough Bar is trying to innovate and create healthy alternatives. Everything from donuts, monkey bread, cinnamon rolls, chocolate rolls, and even whoopie pies. Best of all, these products all come in a variety of delicious flavors so you can constantly change things up. I tip my hat to you, Dough Bar. I hope you continue to innovate and grow the functional food industry

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