Another Kid-Friendly Supplement Line: 1st Phorm Kiddo Series

by Matt Weik

If you’ve been in the game a little bit, you know not only the name Andy Frisella but his brand called 1st Phorm. He has an entire legion of brand ambassadors out there pushing the heck out of his brand. It seems like you can’t find a gym in the country that doesn’t have at least one member walking around in a 1st Phorm piece of workout apparel. Not to mention all of the Instagram fitness influencers out there rocking their gear. But I noticed something interesting that I never knew before. They have a 1st Phorm Kiddo Series – a kid-friendly product line.

Think about how many people are using 1st Phorm products. Back in 2018 (I don’t have current data), Andy Frisella and his crew at 1st Phorm were doing over $175M in revenue each year. If I were to guess, he’s close to breaking the $200M mark or may have already surpassed it.

But if you follow my content, you know I’ve been saying for quite some time and like to report on it when I see it, that supplements for kids are a great idea and a huge market. If someone like Andy with 1st Phorm can leverage his brand awareness and loyalty and turn those consumers onto a kid-friendly line of products, it should do extremely well. And now with their very own 1st Phorm Kiddo Series of products, the skies the limit with new growth potential.

Kids Don’t Always Have the Best Nutritional Habits

Go back to when you were a kid and I’m willing to bet you’d agree with this heading. Kids, unfortunately, are missing a lot in their diet and have a lot of nutritional gaps. To help with overall growth and development, a child should be getting in all of their micronutrients. That being said, things like fruits and vegetables to them is like throwing around the F-bomb. With kids, it’s an avoid at all costs. And who can blame them? Not every fruit or vegetable tastes amazing. But that doesn’t mean that we should eliminate those foods and all the nutritional value they can provide.

That’s why Andy and his team created the 1st Phorm Kiddo Series. As a father himself, he sees the things his kids eat on a daily basis – and it’s not exactly the best thing for them. Being the supplement mogul that he is, it only made sense for him to branch out and start a kid’s line of products.

One of the hardest things to do is to create products that kids enjoy and will actually eat or drink. 1st Phorm seemed to have hit their mark with the flavoring and their product reviews from parents around the nation would tend to agree with that statement. Kids love candy, gummies, and sweet beverages – therefore the gummy products and sweet-tasting all-in-one protein powder that 1st Phorm has launched with their Kiddo Series are a great move and make perfect sense.

Brands Need to Think Long-Term

I’m not saying that brands need to “innovate” in a sense that they need to launch products that have new ingredients in them, but rather look at the long-term strategy. While it’s great that supplement companies are targeting the 18-35 market, but then what?

If a brand has a following, brand recognition, and loyalty, why would they not want to engage consumers earlier on as well as when they get up in age? Not only that, but kids see what their parents are eating and consuming. I see it firsthand with my own kids. My oldest son (he’s five) sees me drinking a protein shake after a workout and taking my supplements throughout the day. After a workout together, he always asks for a sip of my protein shake. He’s even now asking for his own (which I’ve been giving him a shake by the brand Obvi that he really enjoys).

Kids are impressionable. Why not share your love of health, fitness, and proper nutrition with them? A multivitamin, protein supplement, and omega-3s aren’t going to hurt them when used as directed. So, I think the 1st Phorm Kiddo Series is going to be a home run.

1st Phorm Kiddo Series Line of Products

As it stands right now, the 1st Phorm Kiddo Series is made up of three products and two bundles. The three products are an M-Factor Kiddos gummy multivitamin and mineral product, a Kiddo-Mega which is a gummy omega-3 product, and an Opti-Kids powder that consists of protein, greens, and reds. The bundles as you would expect are combinations of those products in a “stack” with a discounted price point for purchasing the products together.

Looking at the products, the M-Factor multivitamin gummies is exactly what you would expect – a chewy multivitamin gummy product. It currently comes in two flavors which are strawberry and mixed berry. Kids eat two gummies per day and a bottle provides them with a one-month supply.

The omega-3 gummies are a newer product to the 1st Phorm Kiddo Series line of products. It is a standard gummy that provides a good source of EPA and DHA per serving. Kids are to consume two gummies per day and a single bottle will last one month.

Last but not least is the Opti-Kids shake. There is currently only one flavor available (chocolate milkshake) and each serving is loaded with protein, antioxidants, and probiotics. The interesting and unique thing is that they’ve included a greens and reds powder to the formula to help kids get in their recommended daily intake of fruits and vegetables (only in a delicious manner). Kids can add two scoops of the powder to 8oz of milk or water. Each tub will provide 30 servings.

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