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12 Supplement Brand Collaboration Ideas: Will It Work or No?

by Matt Weik

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past two years, you’ve probably seen your fair share of supplement brand collaborations. Many supplement brands are looking to work with brands outside of their own industry to bring some excitement and new flavors to their products. Personally, I think it’s an awesome idea and I see it working for many brands.

Look at what it has done for brands like Ghost (who worked with Chips Ahoy! and some candy brands), Sparta Nutrition (who used ICEE flavors), BSN (who teamed up with Cold Stone Creamery), and many others. So, I thought I would put on my thinking hat and come up with some of my own collaboration ideas on who supplement companies should be reaching out to.

At the time of writing this, I haven’t seen any of the ideas I put together below being used. When you read this, some brands may have jumped on the opportunity.

*Side note to supplement brands: If you steal my idea, I expect to at least get some free product…

Orange Julius

I’m dating myself but I remember as a kid, the most exciting treat when you were out and about was an Orange Julius. Sure, they had various flavors, but the original was delicious. The flavor was close to an orange creamsicle. This would make for a great flavored protein, pre-workout, or even amino product.


Again, I’m dating myself on these brand collaboration ideas but who remembers Kool-Aid? It’s still around, you simply don’t see commercials for it as you did 20 years ago. Despite it being an older brand, I think it would do well as a pre-workout or an amino product. Add in the entertaining Kool-Aid man and you can have some fun with marketing.

Ben & Jerry’s

The ice cream king. I’m not sure how much they would want to be able to collaborate with them, but this could be one of the best brand collaboration ideas on the list. Everyone knows who Ben & Jerry’s is and using their flavor profiles could produce some insane protein flavors.

Crystal Light

When you think of Crystal Light, you think of a refreshing taste that is light and low in calories and sugar. Well, take that concept and bring it into some supplement brand collaboration ideas for aminos and you have a product people can sip on all day long. If you drink Crystal Light is this one of the collaboration ideas you think would work?

The Cookie Dough Café

The Cookie Dough Café was founded on the idea of making a delicious edible cookie dough. While not the healthiest option on our list of collaboration ideas, it’s the flavoring and product concept that intrigues me. Can a supplement brand collaborate with The Cookie Dough Café to create a unique product that has added protein? Something along the lines of a snack product I’m envisioning.

Nuts N More

I’m just going to go ahead and say it right now… no one can touch the peanut butter coming from Nuts N More. This stuff is delicious! While I’m not thinking about recreating the wheel with this, my mind is taking me to a place where you can collaborate on some powders. Currently, Nuts N More sells a keto protein powder but my understanding is that it’s not doing all that well. So, why not have a protein giant in the supplement industry work with them and collaborate? They also have powdered peanut butter that brands could use in some of their proteins to add some healthy fats along with some cool flavoring.

Famous Amos

Thanks to Ghost, they have pretty much locked up the market share on cookie flavored protein when they joined forces with Chips Ahoy! on a collab. That being said, Famous Amos is a fairly large cookie brand as well and if someone wanted to do the dance and go toe-to-toe with Ghost, they could do a cookie flavored collaboration with Famous Amos to try to steal some market share.

Krispy Kreme

There are glazed donut flavored protein bars on the market right now so it only makes sense to have one of the collaboration ideas be teaming up with Krispy Kreme. Known for their deliciously unhealthy glazed donuts, if they can nail flavoring on not only a bar but a powder to be used with a protein powder, it could be a game-changer.


Ever drive past a Starbucks during the day? It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, the line inside and at the drive-thru is insane. People love their coffee without a doubt. What if a brand worked with Starbucks to come out with a coffee-flavored protein powder, a pre-workout, or even an amino? Sure, some brands have coffee-flavored products but none of them have a name like Starbucks behind the product.

Dunkin Donuts

Yes, you could say I have duplicate collaboration ideas crossing over between Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, but I feel like these two are the ones making the most noise in the coffee game and the coffee market is booming. The same thoughts I mentioned with Starbucks can be applied here.


I was thinking outside the box a little for the Flipz collaboration ideas and I think I have an idea. People love chocolate covered pretzels. It’s that sweet and salty combination. What if a brand teamed up with Flipz to create a chocolate covered pretzel protein powder? It could be white chocolate, dark chocolate, or milk chocolate with a pretzel hint to it.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

Honestly, there are too many collaboration ideas running through my head with this one. Combine Ghirardelli chocolates with protein, use their flavoring as a chocolate protein powder, the list goes on and on. When you think of chocolate anything, you can think of a collaboration with Ghirardelli.

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