Why Is Creating Content Important for Your Supplement Brand?

by Matt Weik

In today’s age, more and more companies are looking to build traffic to their website, regardless of if they are a direct to consumer brand or if they are simply trying to build awareness of their products. Many of them have amazing websites with a ton of great products but their sales and traffic sucks. They are left scratching their head. If they were to only fully understand the power of creating content, they could see a huge spike in traffic and convert more sales.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with over 50 supplement brands globally to help them improve their SEO through my authoritative name as well as my content. I’ve even had brands do a deeper dive into their website by hiring a third-party company and what they found was that my content and name alone have been producing a huge chunk of their website traffic and conversion. Google is, unfortunately, constantly changing how they rank and if you want to stay on top of your SEO, Google is looking for an authoritative name/author for content along with the right keywords to help brands rank properly.

If you own a fitness or supplement brand, you will want to pay very close attention to this article revolving around creating content. Creating content could be the missing link that your business is failing to utilize to take your sales and growth to the next level. The below will outline seven reasons why creating content is so important to your overall business success and sales.

1. SEO

Without a doubt the first thing we need to talk about is SEO. SEO or “search engine optimization” is basically how your customers or prospects find your business through online searches (such as with Google). For instance, if your brand is utilizing a new ingredient, you would want to rank specifically for that ingredient so you show up on the first page of Google. If people are searching for a specific ingredient, category, etc. and you don’t show up, the likelihood of them going to your website and converting into a sale are extremely slim.

By creating content and inserting the right keywords, you can rank better with search engines. Remember, your prospects don’t know what they don’t know. And you want them to look to you as an authoritative website.

2. Authoritative

You want your company to come off as authoritative in the industry/market. What this means is creating a website that educates its visitors and helps them make the best buying decision for their individual needs. The more you focus on creating content, the more people are going to be coming back to your site to gain the knowledge necessary to help them reach their health and fitness goals. With that being said, if you help them do so, your customers will look at you as the leading authority for information. This will help you better retain your customers and have them continually coming back to purchase your product(s).

3. Helpful

I think it’s safe to say that being helpful is never a bad thing and goes a long way. If you want people to like you or your supplement brand, being helpful by creating content is a good thing. It shows you aren’t simply after the sales. Heck, for me personally, all I do is create content and there is no backend sale that takes place. People go to my website for helpful information. They appreciate the info which causes them to continually come back. This ultimately helps my clients since it brings them more awareness – which leads us directly into our next topic.

4. Awareness

People like to buy from people they know or who they can relate to. If you are a salesman and you walk into a new supplement store for the very first time and ask for an order, generally the response is going to be “no.” It has nothing to do with your products per se, but rather there is a lack of trust because people don’t truly know you because they’ve never met your nor have done business with you in the past. When you bring awareness to you and your brand through creating content, it allows people the opportunity to get to know you and your brand… what you’re all about and what you have to offer. By constantly making your audience aware of you and your supplement brand, they will be more willing to open up and give you a try once there is a level of comfort and trust.

5. Trustworthy

Piggybacking off of awareness is trustworthy. If you provide helpful content that brings awareness to you or your supplement brand, people are going to be more willing to trust you. There is a caveat that we should mention, though, and that is when you are creating content, you don’t want it to be sleazy where every other second you’re peddling your brand or product. This will turn people off and definitely have them never return to your website ever again. You want to provide solid information on a topic/subject so someone can understand why they should be interested in a new ingredient, or a new training technique, etc. and then at the end give a very subtle plug that you have a product or service that they might be interested in if this topic resonates with them.

6. Conversion

In order for your business to stay in business you need sales, right? Creating content can help. As mentioned in various topics throughout this article, creating content gives you many tools necessary to look good in the eye of the consumer. If you provide value to someone, they are more likely to purchase a product that you are talking about in your content versus going somewhere else. The content (or even copy) should be the selling point of why your brand has what they need and that the information you provided by creating content has altered their buying behaviors to look at you at the source to buy from. It’s about educating the consumer. Creating content can help pull people in and then provide them with a call to action that moves them toward purchasing a product.

7. Repeat Traffic

You want repeat business, no? What good is having someone purchase your product once and then never coming back to buy again? For that reason, creating content can give you a platform for which your consumers have a reason to come back. I mention this to my clients all of the time. When you are creating content, it’s a reason for someone to come back to your website. Once they are on your website you have a higher probability of them making a purchase versus if they never came back to your website at all (clearly). It’s the “out of sight out of mind” position where if you don’t give them a reason to come back, they never will. And unfortunately, they could be shopping on a competitor’s website instead.

Give them a reason to come back through creating content and keep them engaged. Even if they only came back to read a new piece of content, it could trigger their memory that they are low on a product you sell and in turn, they will make a purchase while on the site. Overall, there are many benefits to creating content that if you don’t utilize, you are missing the boat and leaving money on the table.