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Unicorn Marketing is Already Overplayed in Supplement Space

by Matt Weik

Marketing efforts are obviously put in place to help push a certain brand or its products. And while I completely agree it is necessary, there are some trends that are overplayed in the supplement space and unicorn marketing is one of them. I like the funny/cool and “haha” factor that brands are trying to bring to the industry but in my opinion, anything unicorn doesn’t resonate with bodybuilders. Sure, you will have consumers who will purchase a unicorn piss flavor or whatever they name it, but in the end, I don’t see the trend lasting – and it shouldn’t.

Unicorn Flavored Everything

We have seen things from unicorn RTD flavors, unicorn powders, etc. While it was funny at first, it’s starting to get out of hand, in my opinion. When I go to purchase a product, I want a flavor that is a staple. Sure, I like to change things up every now and then just like anyone else, but a unicorn flavor? I’ll pass on the candy-like flavors brands are launching under this tag.

I honestly feel weird even writing the topic of this article and I’m 100% secure with my manhood. It seems like I should start off with, “hi there, kids!” It’s odd to me that I’m talking about unicorns and unicorn marketing as it deals with some of the most muscular and freakishly big bodybuilders in the world. Not to mention an industry that is super heavy on the stimulants where everyone is jacked up on caffeine, then enters the unicorn into the fold. Weird.

Do you think you would ever see Phil Health, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, or other big names in the bodybuilding industry holding a product that is unicorn flavored? Add some bright colors to the packaging, toss a mystical unicorn image on the front and it’ll sell. Ok, that’s a little sarcasm on my part. But realistically, I have a hard time thinking this trend of unicorn marketing is going to last. I mean, what will they come up with next? A Big Foot hairy swamp ass flavor?

I can see it now as a headline after the 2020 Mr. Olympia contest… “Phil Heath returns and wins his 8th Olympia title and thanks Unicorn piss for helping him come back from a devastating loss and surgery in 2018.” There will be photoshoots after the show with him standing there holding the Sandow trophy in one hand and a tub of unicorn piss in the other. Come on now. How much longer can we hold onto this unicorn thing?

If you love candy and sugar, you might love what a unicorn flavor brings to your taste buds. But if you aren’t 8 years old anymore, I’m not sure a sweet-tasting unicorn flavored anything is going to long-term be your cup of tea. Try it once as an “ok, I tried this whole unicorn flavored thing,” but in the end, it won’t last.

It’s been fun – not really. But unicorn marketing and flavors need to go. Enough is enough.

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