The Shawn Ray Way

by Christian Duque

Shawn Ray is back with another great project, earning him more fans, more money, and more respect. Then again, this has been Shawn’s tried and true approach ever since he step foot on his first bodybuilding stage. Does he have haters? OH MY GOD, YES!! But guess what, those haters have paved the way to his, now, super stardom. I’m sure many of these bums would expect a certain hand gesture from Ray, if given the chance, but they’re probably mistaken as to which. A lot of trolls think the stars would give them [the middle] finger, when in reality, it’s probably more of a thumbs-up, than anything else. Haters make you famous and although this may violate the most basic tenets of Broscience, it is, very good to feed the trolls.

Ok, ok, enough talk about haters, we already gave them enough attention. Lord knows their poor mothers are praying for the day, they move out of their basements and quit eating all their food. The truth is, Sugar Shawn Ray’s latest project “The Shawn Way,” is getting an amazing response and we’re going to spend a little bit of time talking about it. Because that’s – WHAT WE DO – we talk about everything that’s cutting-edge in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. That’s what Iron Magazine is all about!!

For many fans, the 1990’s represented the most exciting era of bodybuilding, yet! The 70’s were made famous by Pumping Iron and will always don the catchy phrase, “The Golden Era of Bodybuilding;” however, the 90’s is the era where you had the most competitive guys out there, guys like Dorian, Wheeler, Leverone and “Sugar” Shawn Ray.

In fact, did you know that Shawn was, and still is, the most photographed bodybuilder in the history of FLEX Magazine? That’s a milestone achievement!! No one was in more editions than him and the reason why, is because Shawn’s physique was perfect. You’ll never hear me say that, because most folks have near-perfect looks, some as good as 99%, but there’s always something that holds them back. The only thing that held Shawn back, was height, but in terms of frame, muscle bellies, aesthetics, separation, condition and posing, he wanted for nothing, he had it all. This is why when someone like Shawn shares his secrets, in a groundbreaking book like this, people will be racing to buy it.

Whereas a lot of guys, for whatever reason, went on hiatus after leaving the stage, Shawn has continuously reinvented himself, staying as relevant, if not more so, than as when he was an active competitor. As a journalist, Shawn has worked for many publications, including Muscular Development, Generation Iron, and now Shawn Ray TV. He’s also a celebrated contest promoter, both nationally and internationally, and has a number of successful productions to his name. Shawn’s ability to present himself and his message, clearly and successfully, has made him a superstar, particularly in a world that’s obsessed with fads and one-hit wonders. His knowledge, particularly on disciplines like training and nutrition, is backed by fact, as well as his own trial and error. When you have someone on Shawn’s level writing a book about how to make it to this level, well, what more do you want?

It’s important for folks to learn from those who have actually gone out and made it. I know I’ll probably catch a lot of flack for saying this, but this is where you separate the rockstars from the music instructors. What does a music instructor or music critic or music theorist know about being a superstar selling out arenas and landing the cover of magazines. Shawn could wear the scientist’s hat and sketch a bunch of crap on a smartboard, but he can also share what worked for him – what made him a superstar. Also, the e-book format is perfect for this day and age. As much as it pains me to say it, print is dead. Everyone is on their phone and an e-book is the absolute best way to go. Folks can listen to their music and read his book, while doing cardio, and contemplating the day’s workout. It’s a whole new age!!

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