IFBB Vancouver Pro 2019 Results

Who won the big show in Vancouver, Canada?

This weekend held the IFBB Vancouver Pro 2019 – one of the big Canadian competitions that grab media attention and bring in some big name bodybuilders to compete. This year’s big names were Nathan De Asha and a surprise showing in Men’s Open for Hadi Choopan. How did they place and how did the rest of the competition perform? We have the official results below.

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results
1. Hadi Choopan
2. Nathan De Asha
3. Lukas Osladil
4. Iain Valliere
5. Josh Wade

Men’s 212 Results
1. Zane Watson
2. Bola Ojex
3. Steve Benthin
4. Prince Boabang

Classic Physique Results
1. Antwane Hamlett
2. Chris White
3. Isaac Baier
4. George Herrera
5. Michael Kingsnorth

Women’s Physique Results
1. #255
2. Sheila Bleck
3. Claudia Diaz
4. Katherine Hall
5. Alyssa Coppolino

Men’s Physique Results
1. Bhuwan Chauhan
2. Davide Mazzolari
3. Joseph Lee
4. Julian Colley
5. Ismael Martinez

Figure Results
1. Anna Banks
2. Julia Waring
3. Chelsea Graff
4. Martina Yabekova
5. Desiree Alferes

Fitness Results
1. Sarah Kovach
2. Dominique Matthews
3. Alison Burns
4. ALison Amos
5. Kristy Avery

Bikini Results
1. Jasmine Williams
2. Sarah Averna
3. Monica Ellis
4. Alexandria Ross
5. Mahsa Akbarimehr

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