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How Will Technology Change the Fitness Industry?

by Matt Weik

When you look at all of the things we can do today compared to 10 or even 20 years ago, you can’t help but have your mind blown. Who would have thought that in our pocket we would literally be carrying around a mini computer where we can accomplish almost anything by simply typing it into our smartphones? Heck, you can even watch television wherever you are on your smartphone! There have been so many technological advancements over the years that it’s completely changing the landscape of many industries – including the fitness industry. With that being said, how will technology change the fitness industry as a whole? I have some thoughts and predictions.

Change Can Be Scary – But Beneficial

For many people, change is a scary thing. We like living with some sort of stability where the environment around us is maintained and the boat never seems to get rocked. But sometimes it’s important for change to take place as it can be a benefit to us. In my opinion, I think technology is going to rock the world of many people and be an eye-opener.

When it comes to our health, many hate going to the doctor – myself included. I pretty much need to be on my deathbed before I would ever consider going to the doctor. With that being said, ignoring our health can lead us down a rabbit hole to illness. With technology improving almost daily, I have a feeling in the very near future we are going to have a technology that we can all purchase and use that will give us a wide scope of our current health and maybe even be able to predict health concerns that could arise in the future.

No one wants to look into the future and see they are going down the path to diabetes or other illnesses – or even worse, cancer. Many tests can be done at a doctor’s office these days that provide information that can be helpful in preventing and treating various illnesses. But what if we would have a technology on our phone or a device we can purchase that can give us that very same information without the need to drive to your doctor’s office or even have blood drawn? You’d probably be more open to that idea, right? I know I would.

I honestly think that’s where we are heading. I also think that with the internet we are going to see more and more fitness programs launching similar to what Peloton is doing with their bikes. You’re going to be able to train with your friends and family from the privacy of your own home regardless of where your friends or family live. And with virtual reality technology evolving, you might even be able to put on a headset and watch your friend/family member training beside you. How cool would that be? It would be like they are right there next to you where the both of you can talk and interact regardless of the actual miles of distance between you.

Apps Will Rule the Fitness Industry

Want to work with a trainer online? Here’s their app. Want to work with a nutritionist and have them provide you with meal plans? Here’s their app. Want to talk to a doctor? Here’s their app that allows for virtual communication. Honestly, this is simply the next step in the evolution of the fitness industry. Sure, many people have apps and use fitness and nutrition apps daily, but I’m talking about next generation app features. The ability for a personal trainer to be on the app and work with a client virtually and get paid immediately through the app for virtual training sessions. There wouldn’t be a need to have someone to go a website in order to pay for the virtual sessions and then go over to Skype or another similar platform in order to speak with the trainer – everything would go through the app.

We already have devices and apps that work with each other thanks to Bluetooth technology (such as scales), but I see that even being improved upon. Apps that will track your weight and body fat and be able to instantaneously change your nutrition for the day based on the information gathered. Having smart technology such as an Apple Watch being able to check your blood sugar without the need to prick your finger. Literally, everything will be at our fingertips, the only thing people would need to do is follow what they are being shown and told. It will completely eliminate all guesswork involved.

It Won’t Be for Everyone

I’m not naïve to think that people will still be overweight, still be eating the wrong foods, and still be sitting around on their couch every night watching television. That will never change as some people are lazy and complacent and it will take illness to open up their eyes – and I feel bad for those individuals because that end result is inevitable based on their poor lifestyle choices.

As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. You can provide people with the ability to have everything in the palm of their hand and all they need to do is follow the instructions, yet their follow through will still be nonexistent. Nothing changes if nothing changes. In 20-25 years, I believe getting in shape will be easier than ever. Technology will improve. Education of health, fitness, and nutrition will improve. Supplementation will improve. Medical advancements will improve. Everything will be ours for the taking if we wish to act upon them and stay motivated to reach our health and fitness goals.

I could be completely off but this is the way I see our future going. What do you think? Am I spot on or do you see something completely different? Let me know in the comments.

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