Always Be Weary of “Too Good To Be True”

by Christian Duque

Listen up folks! If you’re looking to get a big break in the fitness industry, you have to be sensible and realistic. For example, we have a great ambassador program at IronMag Labs. With our program, you can truly make your mark – that’s, after all, our mantra. With that being said, we’re very picky and look at a number of different factors. Whereas most companies in the industry have barely been around six months, IronMag Labs has been around well over a decade.

Not only that, but this company kept many of the big websites you see today, in business. IML used to sponsor it all, from athletes to programs. This is a company who gave back quite a bit; it’s a company known by all, so when it comes to bringing new people on, we have a real reason to be picky. Our ambassadors get product, clothes, and the ones who really shine, well, there’s bigger and better opportunities for them. I’d share those opportunities here, but they’re only for the eyes and ears of the people who bust their tail and are considered to take the next step. Is it possible to make it? Of course!! Will most make it? Absolutely not.

Look, I don’t care how many trophies you have on your mantle. I don’t care how many people follow you – whether they follow you because you have something to say, because you achieved something great, or because you bought them. What matters is how hard you work; no matter what age we’re in, no matter what devices or gadgets may be at our disposal, the fundamental litmus test – what truly divides and will always divide, the successful from the bums – is hard work.

When you apply to IML – or any large, established company – that’s truly IN the industry, you’re going to get the same response. Now sure, you could potentially run a good hustle on a new company, especially because many of their owners will be caught off guard, much like deer in headlight. They might believe being Top 5 is huge (never bothering to find out there were only 5 people in your class and you actually placed dead last). A newbie might not scrutinize your following, to see most of your followers are inactive accounts who never like or comment on your stuff. Again folks, it’s all about hard work. If you work hard, your social media will flourish and won’t need to pull any tricks. If you work hard, your contest placings will improve. If you work hard, the sky’s the limit.

But here’s where it gets twisted, particularly on social media. While there’s second and third tier athletes looking to run a hustle on companies, now there’s second and third tier companies looking to run hustles on unsuspecting competitors, aspiring competitors, and every so often veteran competitors – who should know a lot better.

If a company is going to offer you a salary, supplements, clothes…., if they pledge to pay your contest fees, fly you around, and wine and dine you… be very careful, ESPECIALLY, if you’re not a top Olympian or finishing Top 10 at the Arnold, because even THOSE PEOPLE don’t get this. Many of these companies want you to buy in, they promote pyramid schemes, and they will totally lead you astray. They have zero interest in developing you, growing your fanbase, or doing anything positive for the sport. They feed on hashtags, like vultures over a carcass by the side of the road. If you hashtag, you have to be aware that you’re putting yourself on their radar. That’s by no means, me telling you not to promote yourself; rather, it’s simply me telling you to GUARD YOURSELF in the process of PROMOTING YOURSELF!! Don’t fall prey to being taken advantage of – I don’t care who you are!! I also don’t care how many degrees you have, what line of work you’ve done, and I don’t even care if you are (or think you are) “street smart.” Some of the best, most shameless con men (and women!), you’ll find in the sports nutrition world. They could hustle a nun, like it was nothing, and then laugh all the way to the bank.

Start out with a good company, with a good ambassador post, and then WORK. Work, work, work and you will see that your position with said company will improve. IML is a fantastic place to appy, so hit us up on IG @IronMagLabs and let’s work together. If by chance you’re not accepted, should you give up and never try again? Heck no! Take the feedback you’re given, implement it, and WORK, WORK, WORK, so that next time, the no, will be a big, YES!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, here, at Iron Magazine. If you’re even remotely interested in REALLY trying to make it in the fitness industry, then stop procrastinating, and start acting!

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