A New Protein Powder Hits the Market to “Warm Things Up”

by Matt Weik

I love innovation. Especially when it comes to a new protein powder. Things can get so boring drinking the same protein shake every day – it’s nice to have some variety with how you consume your protein supplements. That’s exactly what Rivalus thought when they launched their new protein powder, Rival Whey Warm Ups.

Things Are Getting HOT

There are a few brands out on the market that have specific heat-stable protein powders that you can use for baking – such as Optimum Nutrition being one of them. Very few have gone after the hot/warm beverage market with their powders even though some use their standard whey varieties with warm beverages on occasion.

This new protein powder is specifically to be used with hot water or warm milk. Rivalus claims they use a hydrolysis technology that allows their new protein powder to withstand high temperature that would normally cause the whey to denature (basically deeming it worthless).

The General Manager of their parent company (Nutrivo, LLC) was quoted saying, “Since the dawn of powdered protein supplements, over 70 years ago, athletes from bodybuilders and powerlifters to sprinters and cyclists, have been limited to cold protein shakes. Whether you get creative and cook with it or just mix it with hot water, Rival Whey Warm Ups offers an entirely new experience with absolutely no nutritional or performance downsides.”

The Rival Whey Warm Up comes in tubs with 15 servings worth of protein powder. The current three available flavors are Hot Apple Cider, Hot Cocoa, and Mint Mocha. All of those flavors sound amazing and the profile on the new protein powder is pretty good as well.

Rival Whey Warm Up Breakdown:

• 120 calories
• 1.5g fat
• 3g carbohydrates
• 0 sugar
• 24g protein

At the time of writing this (March 2019), I really would have liked to see this product launched earlier. Their launch took place at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH, but the upsetting part of this whole thing is that spring is upon us and this new protein powder would have been great to have several months ago to use in the fall and winter months. While I’m sure there are people who would drink these beverages in the warmer months (either by using warm beverages or making them as normal cold shakes), I’d assume the bulk of the use would be in the colder months when people would be looking for a nice cup of hot cocoa to sip on.

Being that the new protein powder by Rivalus is made up of hydrolysates, it would be ideal for use following workouts. However, I personally see this product being used more in the morning with breakfast or at night as a calm and relaxing beverage – which just so happens to include 24g of a high-quality protein.

What Else Can They Do?

I’m going to play formulator for a minute and put on my creativity hat. I think what Rivalus just created with their new protein powder will open the door to many other “hot” beverages – both for their brand as well as competitors. I can see them launching a coffee flavor, a cappuccino flavor, an espresso flavor, and even a green tea flavor (or similar type of tea flavor).

The flavors they launched with I feel are safe flavors and probably the best of the bunch to put out there and gain trial on. Take the feedback and insights you gain from this initial launch and see if it warrants more products. If it doesn’t, well, then you only need to move through three flavors to discontinue the line. Which actually brings up our final topic.

Will this New Protein Powder Sell?

Let’s be real… people in this industry love their protein powder. Especially when it is a high-quality protein powder that uses hydrolysates as its main protein source. With all of that being said, I think the sales on the new protein powder will be decent – especially at first when people want to try it and see what all the buzz is about. From there I can see it start to fizzle out until fall hits and then I’d start marketing the new protein powder hard if I were Rivalus.

Is the Rival Whey Warm Ups a new protein powder that will stick around in the long-term? That’s actually tough to say. I believe it’s a good product and serves a purpose in a niche of the market but it will never outsell any standard whey protein on the market, in my opinion. There seems to be a time and a place for a protein powder that you put in a hot or warm beverage. I don’t see it being following a workout as you’re already hot and sweaty and the last thing you want is to consume a hot beverage. But I can see it doing well in the colder months for sure.

Will I try the product? Eh. If I see it on sale, I might pick up a tub to see what the flavor is like – especially if it’s fall or winter time. Other than that, I wouldn’t have a need (personally) for it at the moment when things are just starting to warm up.

Would you give this new protein powder a try? What are your thoughts and opinions on the Rival Whey Warm Ups? Let us know down in the comments.

Source: Rivalus online

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