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Product Spotlight: MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup

by Matt Weik

As many of you know, I love finding new snack items that contain protein. I keep telling my clients (supplement companies) as well as anyone who will listen that they need to expand their portfolio and get away from the plain old protein bars that everyone else has and think outside of the box. Heck, I’ve even published my fair share of articles on the topic voicing m opinion that we need to see something new come to market with some of my ideas. Thankfully, at least some brands are doing this and launching some pretty interesting products. Today, I want to do a product spotlight article about a recent product I picked up to try that I think you might dig. It’s the new MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup.

MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup

While I’m not a fan of all of this Nielsen data that many brands are pulling from and having completed, MET-Rx wanted to show that the “leading hazelnut spread brand” (listen, they can’t say it but I can – it’s Nutella) contains 23g of sugar per 52g serving. The MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup contains half of that amount (11g of sugar). While I’m still not a fan of products that include high or even moderate amounts of sugar, as a “once in a while” snack item I’ll accept it.

There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners used which is nice to not have a product laced with sugar alcohols that will have you clenching your butt cheeks on your way to the bathroom shortly after consuming the product.

I like the fact that there’s 10g of protein. Would I like to see it closer to 15-20g? Absolutely, but I understand the fact that there is only so much of the spread you can put into the cup before you’d have to include more “breadsticks” and then all the macro ratios would go out of whack.

An Anytime Snack Option

This protein fortified snack can literally be consumed any time of day. You can have it as a mid-afternoon snack, a pre-workout snack, or even at night when you’re roaming through the pantry looking for something to eat. The MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup has what they consider a rich and creamy chocolate hazelnut spread that is from real hazelnuts and then infused with whey protein concentrate. Also, in the cup, there are thin breadsticks that you are to use to dip in the hazelnut spread.

My Opinion After Trying the Product

I thought the MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup was really good. I wouldn’t exactly say it filled me up, but then again, it’s not a meal replacement. The spread, in my opinion, did taste just like Nutella and the fact that it has added protein is great in my book. I ate two cups two separate days and found I must love hazelnut spread too much as I always had some breadsticks left over after scooping out all of the spread. From a nutrition standpoint, while I wouldn’t say the product overall is “healthy” it does at least provide you with a better option considering some of the alternatives on the market.

One thing to consider is how you are transporting the MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup. If you toss it in a bag and run out the door, you’re going to spend the rest of the day cleaning hazelnut spread off of everything in your bag and your bag itself. The foil on top of the cup, while nice, is not super strong and can be punctured or torn if the cup is rolling around in a bag or hits something.

I would recommend putting the cup in a secure and protected container or section of a bag if you are going to transport it. But that is where I think a product like the MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup shines – it gives you the ability to have a delicious snack item ready whenever you need it in a convenient cup form. I’m all about convenience, so I like the fact that all you need to do is rip off the foil on top (make sure you use any spread that was pulled off with the top), grab a breadstick and start dipping. Heck, it’s yours… you can even double dip without anyone judging you!

Would I recommend the MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup? Absolutely. I think it was good enough and the profile not terrible that people can really enjoy using this in their snack rotation. I really find this to be a fantastic option for in the office or late-night snack. If you are a sucker for Nutella, you’re going to go bonkers over this protein fortified snack option.

Currently, you can purchase them on their website (as well as other online stores and retail locations) per cup, per 6-pack, and as a full 24-pack.

What are your thoughts? Is the MET-Rx Protein Snack Cup something you would consider trying? If you’ve tried it, what were your thoughts? Comment on this article or leave us your feedback on social media.

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