In Order to GROW You Must SLEEP

by Matt Weik

We all know that our time spent in the gym is for breaking down muscle fibers and that growth actually occurs outside of the gym when we rest. Yet, most people aren’t getting enough sleep at night to fully benefit from their hard work in the gym. We live hectic lives – I don’t think anyone will deny that? We burn the candle at both ends until we are completely tapped out with exhaustion or until the stress compounds and we end up sick. But, all of this could be alleviated and you could reach your true growth potential by getting more shuteye (along with following a solid diet and exercise program) – around seven to nine hours of sleep is recommended.

This article will break down some ways for you to get better restful sleep so you can put on the quality mass you’re looking for and GROW.

1. Change your mattress

If you’re sleeping on an old saggy mattress, you’re probably not getting the best nights sleep you can. Invest in a new mattress that helps conform to the contours of your body to help keep your spine in alignment. This will also help prevent pain in the back and hips.

2. Shut it down

Turn off all of your electronics. There’s no reason to have your cell phone or tablet on while you sleep. There’s nothing that important at 2am that you’re going to miss on social media. You need your brain to shut down so you can get some quality sleep each night.

3. Have a ritual in place

One of the best ways to make sure you get to bed at the same time each night is to have a ritual. This can be getting your clothes out for the next morning, prepping your coffee maker so as soon as you walk downstairs after waking up your coffee is ready, putting on your pajamas, reading a book for a certain amount of time, washing your face, and brushing your teeth to name some examples. Whatever your ritual is, ensure you do it every night and it will eventually become a habit.

4. Set an alarm to sleep

We live busy lives and sometimes we lose track of time. For that reason, set an alarm to remind yourself when it’s time to start your ritual that was mentioned above. Having a ritual in place is great, but if it’s done and still only allows for three hours of sleep because you started it too late at night, it’s not doing you any good in terms of providing your body with enough sleep to rest, recover, and grow.

5. Make it dark

The best way to sleep is in total darkness. Turn off the lights. Close the blinds. And if the sun still wakes you up every morning, consider investing in some thicker shades and blinds. This comes at an expense, but the costs are well worth it when you can get better sleep and wake up rejuvenated and allow your body to recuperate properly.

6. Turn down the temperature

We tend to sleep better when the temperature in the room is slightly cooler than normal. For most, a room that is warm or hot will make you uncomfortable, sweaty, and distracted. Turn the temp down or turn on the ceiling fan (or any fan in your room) to drop the temperature down a few degrees. You don’t have to turn the room into the north pole and make it an ice box unless that’s what you like, but make sure there is definitely a difference in temperature when you sleep compared to during the day.

7. Block out the noise

You’re going to want your room to be as quiet as possible. If you live in a city where you hear traffic all night long, you might want to purchase a white noise machine or a good pair of earplugs. This is also a much better idea than threatening to put a pillow over the face of the person lying next to you who sores like a grizzly bear.

8. Sleep aid supplements

Lastly would be some sort of sleep aid supplement. There are many different ones out on the market these days. IronMag Labs makes a product called Dream-n-Grow which I’ve used in the past and really enjoyed it. Their purpose is to help you relax and promote deep sleep. In addition, many of them contain added ingredients to aid in recovery as well as increasing growth hormone levels to help you add quality lean mass. If you can’t seem to fall asleep easily and you’ve already tried the tips mentioned above, then I’d highly recommend purchasing a sleep aid supplement to see if that will do the trick in helping you get some rest.

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