Your Excuses Show Your Lack of Prioritization

by Matt Weik

How many of you know people that find every excuse possible why they can’t exercise? They work long hours. They have kids to take care of. There’s way too much to get done around the house. They don’t have the money to pay for a gym membership. The list goes on and on without end. Every time you show them a way to work around their excuse they simply find another excuse to use.

It’s not only pathetic, but truly a shame. These are the same people who will put on weight (if they aren’t already overweight), get sick, and then want to blame everyone else and every other factor other than looking in the mirror. I want these people to take a good hard look at themselves—because those excuses will not work here.


Here’s the cold hard truth buttercup, your life is no different than anyone else. Your excuses to find time to take care of yourself shows your lack of discipline and your lack of willingness to make your health a priority. You’re selfish. You want the easy way out in life. And unfortunately, with your lack of willingness to exercise you’re going to find yourself in the ground sooner rather than later. I don’t need to sit here and type out all of the ways that exercise can help you through life. You already heard them all, and know the facts. Yet, you choose to look the other way.

Here’s the kicker of it all. The people who make excuses why they can’t exercise are the same people spending hours upon hours at night watching television just vegging out. My thought on all of that is if you value your life less than what the Bachelor or Bachelorette are doing on television, you clearly have your priorities all jacked up. Here’s a better idea, why not watch your goofy shows that contain no educational value WHILE you are doing your cardio each night? People can go to their local gym and watch these shows, or if they have a treadmill or bike at home, they can watch their shows while being physically active. And with the advent of smartphones and tablets, you can now watch live television or even recorded shows on your DVR right from those devices. So, you not only don’t have to miss your “very important” television shows, but you can better your health and longevity.

Here’s what I would love for people to do (completely my opinion)

I would love for people to try and better themselves in every way possible, both mentally and physically. If people would use their time wisely, they could kill two birds with one stone. If you plan on doing cardio for any amount of time, you could LEARN new skills or better the ones you want to hone in on. For instance, there are so many amazing podcasts and audio books out there that while you are doing your 30-60 minutes of cardio, you could be listening to something educational. I understand people like to relax and not think about work and business by sitting in front of the television and relaxing while watching sports or a certain show, but why not take some key moments where you could be productive and better yourself by doing something educational?

If you’re running a business, why wouldn’t you want to invest the time you have to bettering yourself to further expand and scale your business? If you’re a salesman, why wouldn’t you want to take time to better your skills and learn new techniques to make more sales or land the big contracts you dream about? There’s a reason people are better than you and getting those big contracts or scaling their business—they’re investing in themselves. Not only just the physical end by exercising and having a solid nutrition plan, but mentally as well. These individuals are making time for their family, for their business or profession, for learning and expanding their knowledge. So, why can’t everyone? If you’re fine being lazy and fat that’s your decision and prerogative. But as someone in the fitness industry as well as an entrepreneur and business owner, I simply don’t understand why people choose to go through life without a plan and wanting to be average.

Having a plan takes some prioritization. You won’t be able to accomplish everything in a 24-hour timeframe. And that’s ok. You need to prioritize things and figure out what MUST get done in those 24 hours that we all get each day. Do you find you’re sleeping ten hours a day? Wake up early and get in a workout. Or before bed schedule your cardio or workout session. You should have blocks in your schedule to accomplish the things that you make a priority. Make time for your family and friends, you need that time. But make sure you are moving forward and bettering yourself too.

The people who make excuses are the people who rarely get far in life—because they always have an excuse or reason why they aren’t or can’t do something. You can live life, but live life with a purpose. Wake up every morning with a plan in place as to what needs to take place from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed. How much time are you wasting each day looking through your social media feed? How is that making a difference in your day and how are you benefiting? Is there something in your newsfeed that is lifechanging? Are you making money by seeing what people you went to high school with are eating for lunch or dinner? If not, then cut it out of your day.

This article is already longer than it needs to be, but I encourage all of you regardless if you are making exercise and education part of your day or not, to look at what you do in a 24-hour period and see what you can eliminate to better your day and make it more productive to allow you to reach the goals you set for yourself. And if you don’t have goals in life, you need to stop reading this article and immediately put pen to paper and start writing down your goals and make yourself accountable. When you no longer make yourself accountable for things is when we become complacent in life. I want to see everyone be successful in every aspect of their life. And in order to do that, we need to take the necessary steps to get there, things simply don’t happen by chance. Things happen when we put things in motion to make change. The choice is yours. I wish you all the best and hope some of the concepts in the article hits home and helps you shape your days in a productive manner.