Supplement Lawsuits Are Getting Out of Hand

by Matt Weik

Listen, I’m all about protecting the consumer, but some people these days are simply out for money (or they seriously don’t have any common sense). Lawsuits have been popping up throughout the industry for the past few years like wildfires. You have the legit lawsuits such as amino-spiking and companies tainting their products with designer steroids. But then you have ones like we are about to touch on that make me shake my head and wonder what type of person these people are.

I didn’t know what was in the tub

Brands in the industry have been part of a lawsuit where consumers feel they are being deceived when they open up a tub of protein only to find half of the container is full of powder. Anyone who made it through elementary school should know how to read. On the tub, it clearly states what the contents are. For instance, it will state the brand name, the flavor, and the SIZE. For instance, a 5lb tub of protein (regardless of the brand and flavor) is still 5lbs of protein. So, whether they use a small tub or a large tub, you’re getting the same amount! How is that deceiving? Now they are trying to force supplement companies to change to transparent (it can still be colored but you must be able to see the contents) tubs so that consumers can see how much is in it before purchasing. Are you kidding me?

Let’s think about this for a minute. If you go to the grocery store and buy a bag of a dozen apples, do you go home and freak out because the entire bag wasn’t full of apples? No, you knew when you bought it that there were only going to be 12 apples in the bag. So, why is this any different. Either you’re dumb and can’t read, or you’re fishing for a lawsuit as some money hungry consumer with an attorney who’s equally out to make a quick buck. If you are used to purchasing a 5lb tub from one brand, and you switch over to a 5lb tub from a different brand, YOU’RE STILL GETTING 5LB OF PRODUCT! My head hurts. Let’s move on.

I took too much, but that’s your fault, not mine

There have also been lawsuits where some consumers did not follow the directions on a product (such as a fat burner) and had health complications. Maybe it was a rapid heartbeat that sent them to the hospital, maybe it was something more serious with their health, who knows? There are many things that can possibly go wrong when you take too much of a fat burner. That’s why there are directions on the label that advise you on how to take the product along with warnings. No one is telling you to take these products. And no one is telling you to take more than directed. That’s on you, buttercup. So why are you suing someone because you can’t read and follow directions? You’re probably the same person taking a fat burner and doesn’t work out or change their nutrition. You simply think the pills in that particular bottle are going to melt off the fat like Kim Kardashian’s makeup when she starts to sweat.

The product didn’t do as it said it would

I have some swamp land for cheap that I’d like to sell you if you’re interested… We all need to take a step back here and be realistic. People are suing companies for false marketing on their products. I get it and I understand how frustrating that can be but there are so many factors that come into play that we need to be honest with ourselves and our expectations. Back in the day there were supplement companies who were touting their product will help you gain 1,000% increase in strength from the first dose. Really? And people actually bought into that thinking it were true. Thank goodness, we became more educated as a society when it comes to supplements and know that those types of marketing techniques are blatant lies. Yet, today people are still suing companies because a fat burner didn’t work, or their protein powder didn’t have them put on any lean mass. These types of lawsuits happen all the time but rarely go to in front of a judge as they get settled outside of court. Protein powder alone will not have you put on size. There’s nothing magic in there to do so, it’s a common macronutrient powder to help increase your protein intake in a convenience liquid form when you mix the powder with water. The same applies with fat burners. If you think you’re going to be able to swallow a couple pills a day and then sit back and watch the fat melt off you while relaxing on the couch with McDonald’s food, you’re only fooling yourself. I’d like to think that people are smart enough to know it won’t work that way unless you put in the work, but I guess I’m wrong.

My advice to you

If you are looking for a miracle pill or some type of magic in a bottle, it doesn’t exist. So, stop looking. And stop suing companies and people because you bought into their nonsense. Do you know how that makes you look in the end? It makes you look dumb and gullible. Congratulations, you won some money from your lawsuit, but you’ll forever be known as “that guy”. Don’t be “that guy”. Supplements are just that—supplements. Use them wisely, use them correctly, and going into it thinking that bottle or tub you’re holding in your hand is the answer to all of your physique problems. You need to look in the mirror first and figure out if you have what it takes between your ears to reach your fitness and physique goals. That is where it starts. If you can’t find consistency with your training and diet, there isn’t a product under the sun that is going to help you achieve success. Put in the time. Put in the effort. And use supplements to your advantage to fill in the gaps. And for everything holy, stop suing people because you’re a knucklehead and are either gullible or are a money hungry grub.