Simple No Excuse Ways to Add Fitness into Your Daily Routine

by Matt Weik

Is your day too hectic to go to the gym? Or maybe you don’t exercise at all? Whichever the case may be, there are simple ways to add fitness and exercise to your daily routine without feeling like you’re devoting a ton of time. This article will showcase several different ways that you can add fitness into your routine to help you burn off some extra calories.

1. Have more sex

BOOM CHIKA WOW WOW! Hey now! I wanted to start off this feature with one of the easiest ways to burn calories without even thinking about it. Have more sex. Plain and simple. It doesn’t take much thought or preparation, just do it. Be spontaneous with your spouse or partner and get it on. Both of you will find you’re less stressed, having fun, and by the end of it be extremely exhausted. But keep this little secret between us. Don’t go telling your partner, “Matt Weik said we should have sex so we can add exercise into our routine.” That’s a sure way to kill the mood.

2. Use your lunch break wisely

How many of you sit at your desk and eat your lunch every day? I’m guilty of that. So, what’s the fix? Walk. If the weather is nice outside, take a pair of walking or running shoes with you to the office and throw them on over your lunch break and head outside. The fresh air will be good for you and a great way to destress a little in the middle of your workday. Even if your walk is only 15-30 minutes, your mind and body will thank you when you do finally sit back down to keep working. Now you can eat your lunch while continuing to get work done (as long as your boss approves of you doing so and you aren’t sitting where clients/customers will see your paper bag lunch).

3. Walk the dog

This seems like a no-brainer, but people don’t think about it—which is actually perfect. The whole idea with walking your dog is to give your pup some exercise as well as yourself. A nice 30-minute walk is great for your furry little pooch and your pooch around your midsection.

4. Coffee break bench press

Well, not exactly a bench press, but you’ll get the point. The next time you’re waiting for your cup of coffee to brew or each time you head back out to grab another cup from the coffee pot, do some counter push-ups. Make sure the counter is sturdy enough that it won’t break while you’re performing your push-ups and get to it. Repping out a set or two of 10-15 is a great way to get a little pump going before your morning meeting as well as burn off a few extra calories.

5. Use technology to your advantage

Majority of adults these days have a smartphone or fitness watch (wearable device like an iWatch or FitBit) where you can download apps or check your progress throughout the day on your wrist. If you have wearable technology, you can check how many steps you are taking each day, and some wearable technology will even tell you how many calories you burned throughout your daily routine. If you only have a smartphone, do a search for a fitness app. Free or paid version will work. Use it to document your exercise for the day such as a walk at lunch. It can also double as a pedometer to count how many steps you took around the office. Use it as a guide to let you know if you need to be moving more throughout the day.

6. Automobile abdominal workout

This is super easy and anyone can do it. And the good news is, no one will even know you’re getting in an abdominal workout on your daily commute. The movement is extremely simple, but make sure you’re maintaining your focus on driving. All you need to do is contract your abdominals and try to suck in your stomach as if you’re trying to make your bellybutton touch your spine. Be sure to sit up straight while executing this exercise. Hold the contraction for as long as you can, and then release and relax. You can continue this movement for as many total sets as you wish. To start you might only be able to complete a few before you’re fatigued and sore. Work your way up and each week try to beat the number you completed the previous week.

7. Stand, stretch, and squat (SSS routine)

We sit too much at our desk. Everyone needs to get up throughout the day and move to improve circulation and burn off some build up energy. A great way to do this is by standing up, stretching, and then doing some squats (if you have super tight fitting pants on, be aware of such so you don’t split your seat). Another great way to fit this in is if you’re on a phone call using speakerphone or a paired Bluetooth headset. Stand up while on the phone, move around your office, stretch, and bust out some squats. It’ll feel good to get up and move around and even better after you get in a little leg workout while conducting business.

8. Commercial core/chest workout

Many of us spend our nights in front of the television, which you shouldn’t be doing to begin with. However, if you just can’t seem to find the off button for your television at night, at least make the night productive with a core/chest workout. All you need to do is when the television is on, every time your show breaks for commercials, you’ll do the following. The first commercial you will do a plank for the entire length of the commercial. Once the next commercial starts, you change from a plant to a pushup. You do pushups for the entire commercial. When the commercial changes again, stop doing pushups and transition back into a plank and hold for the entire commercial. Repeat this cycle until your show resumes.

9. Mr. Miyagi says wax on, wax off

Here, we are talking about washing and waxing your car. It’s a nice day outside and you don’t want to be all cooped up indoors, so go out and wash and wax your car to keep it looking nice and clean. This is a great way to kill two birds with one stone, you get a nice fresh looking car while burning off some unwanted calories in the process. Want to double your calories burned? Do you spouses or significant others car as well. You’ll also get some brownie points in the process.

10. Tooth-brushing burn

When we brush our teeth, what do we do? Stand there almost bored out of our minds staring at ourselves in the mirror. Instead of watching yourself as if you’ve never seen yourself brush your teeth, do a wall-sit while brushing. Find a clear and sturdy wall in your bathroom and lean against it while in a seated position where your legs are at 90-degrees. Sit there and hold yourself against the wall and feel the burn until you’re done brushing your teeth. Don’t quit your brushing early just because your legs are burning, hold it until the very end and then stand back up.

11. Park in the back of the parking lot

How many of you will circle a parking lot in order to find the closest parking spot? Not only are you wasting time doing so, but you’re wasting a great opportunity to burn some easy calories. Rather than searching for that perfect parking spot, park in the back of the lot and walk into the office or store. The extra walking you’re doing will help burn some extra calories and will get you out of the mindset of being lazy and parking in the front.

12. Desk cycling

Assuming you get approval from your boss, they actually make a tiny little portable bicycle that is just a base and pedals that can fit discreetly under your desk. While doing emails, or looking over work, you could be burning calories by pedaling away in the privacy of your office or cubicle. There’s a bunch of different models and brands available online, a simple Google search will bring up all the options and you can purchase the model you think suits your needs best.