No, Ladies You Won’t Get Big Just like That!

by Anders JP Eskilsson

A common misconception among females in this case, is that weight training will give them a masculine look. This is a false perspective caused by simple laziness in most cases.
What´s important to realize is that it takes more than just a couple of months to build a muscular and jacked physique if you start from scratch with normal genetics. It takes a tremendous amount of work to achieve a great looking physique, especially for females. This is due to the lower levels of testosterone. The idea that it’s easy to gain muscles is actually kind of discrediting all the athletes who work their butt of to get to where they are.

Think about it, and be honest. How many of your female friends or people you know look like guys just because they have been training for a couple of years? Who are you trying to fool?
The athletes seen in magazines or even at the local gym who have impressive physiques work extremely hard to get to where they´re at. In addition, nutrition and knowledge about training are generally very important. In other words they have been around for a long time and most of them know what they are doing. The more you know about what to eat and how to train the faster you reach your goals and to reach new ones.

I can guarantee that you can put all of your effort into getting knowledge about training and nutrition and practice hard for more than a year and still not look masculine. What comes out of all this is a physique which looks much more improved and with a tighter mid section and an increase in inches around arms and legs, and is leaner… but is not even close to looking like guy’s. At least if you´re not doing mega doses on testosterone or other androgens.

The bottom line is, lift heavy and not get lazy. I see women every day that train hard and heavy with perfect form. The gym isn’t about being pretty or lifting like a princes. Rather it´s about war and nothing else. So keep it real. Be fearless. Unleash the fury inside the gym and make it your possible passion for the future. Give it a chance to improve your health and get after that dream physique you always wanted.

Realize that all the women and men you see in the gyms in general work extremely hard to look good. So there is nothing to be afraid of. No more bullshit excuses. Keep it real and lift hard and fearless.