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Do You Believe People Who Don’t Walk the Walk?

by Matt Weik

In today’s society, everyone thinks and proclaims they are an expert of something. But how many of them actually practice what they preach? And based off of that answer, how willing are you to believe them and do as they ask or recommend?

No thank you

I’d like to think that people out there who are trying to change lives can control and manage their own. However, I’m finding that not to be the case. If you follow my content, you’d know that I’m not a fan of doctors or the pharmaceutical industry. I believe both of them are simply putting a Band-Aid over a bullet hole when it comes to American’s health. Neither one of them gets to the root of an issue, and simply has you popping pills to manage a condition rather than fix it.

Have you looked in the mirror lately?

I have an extremely hard time believing anything that doctors say these days. I’ve been to the doctor with my grandmother when she was sick, and while she’s holding onto quite a bit of extra weight, the overweight doctor who she saw looked at her and said she should consider going on a diet and better managing her weight. Really? An overweight doctor is telling a patient to go on a diet? But wait, it gets even better. Before the doctor came into the room, we passed the hallway where he was sitting doing some paperwork—with his hand in a bag of potato chips. Oh, the irony.

Another thing that bothers me about doctors is that their fix for everything is generally by pen and paper—here’s your prescription. Thank you for the copay or whatever payment you need to make before you leave, and I’ll see you for a follow up in a week, don’t forget your checkbook. So, in essence, people are going to the doctor for them to investigate an illness, have a check-up, whatever, and they end up leaving with a prescription. No digging into the true root of the issue, just pushing each patient out the door with a drug prescription.

High blood pressure? Eh, no worries, here’s a prescription. High cholesterol? Eh, no worries, just go pick up this medication. No true fix to their ailment, only management. It’s like someone who has a back issue and the doctor has them on pain killers as a form of pain management. They don’t figure out why the person is having back pain, they just push the meds.

While getting my kinesiology degree from Penn State, I had a nutrition course that was taught by a woman who was easily 300 pounds. And no, she wasn’t a female bodybuilder. She would be in the middle of a lecture and all of a sudden start telling us about the deal she got at Arby’s—the 5 for 5 promotion on roast beef sandwiches. She would tell us how she would eat two of them, and then take the other three home for her husband and two kids. I mean seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. No one ended up taking the course seriously because no one wanted to listen to someone teaching us about nutrition who clearly doesn’t even care about her own. It was in one ear and out the other. Why would I be taking nutrition advice from someone who doesn’t eat healthy to begin with?

Ever go to a gym and have an overweight trainer? Unless they had some miraculous transformation that they are promoting and trying to teach others how they too can lose as much weight as them, why would you sign up to have them work with you? Wouldn’t you question how someone who isn’t in shape is going to get you lean and mean? It just doesn’t make sense, right?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

Today, it’s like we are living in the Twilight Zone. This can’t be real life. It’s as if these people are doing a Holiday Inn Express commercial. Like they are faking their way through life. Just because you CAN give your opinion and two cents to someone doesn’t mean that you SHOULD. People need to stay in their lane.

You can compare all of this to taking business advice from people who never owned a business themselves. It’s as if they are pulling information out of the air in order to “help you succeed.” “You should consider doing this or that to bring in more revenue for your business.” Cool. Has it helped you grow your non-existent business? No? Then stay in your lane. Would you take financial advice from someone who’s broke? No. Unless they were telling you how they blew all of their money and how not to be like them. But if someone who doesn’t have more money in the bank than you is trying to tell you how to invest or work with your money, why would you believe them? You’re trying to level up in life, right? In all aspects—health, fitness, financial, etc. So, the best advice I can give you is to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you are. Learn from them and listen to what they say. Otherwise, if you surround yourself with five broke and unintelligent people, you’ll be the sixth.

Take everything that people who don’t live the lifestyle they are promoting says with a grain of salt. No matter what they are pushing or promoting. Their know-it-all attitude will only attract likeminded people, and those aren’t the people you want to associate with. When you want to win at life, regardless if it is health related, fitness related, family related, whatever, you need to surround yourself with those who walk the walk each and every day.

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