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Discontinuation of Supplements Still Helps to Reduce Stress

by Matt Weik

Stress is a real problem with people these days. How much can we cram into 24 hours seems to be the big question. We have a job that holds us down generally between 9-5 (plus factor in travel time to and from work). We try and fit a workout into our schedule either before or after work. Then we have families that we need to spend time with, take care of, and provide for when we aren’t at work. So much goes into what seems like a very short day. The mental stress and fatigue wears on people and eventually they find a little relief through certain supplements if they decide to go that route.

While the supplements don’t free up more time in someone’s day, they do help people feel a little more relaxed during the madness. Researchers looked at a group of 242 individuals who were taking a food supplement to combat mental stress and fatigue. The particular food supplement was comprised of vitamins and minerals, magnesium, and probiotics. This combination was found to even be effective at lowering mental stress and fatigue levels when the supplement was discontinued for as long as a month.

Researchers identified the participants’ stress and fatigue levels through the use of the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS 10). If the participants’ score was over 21, they were considered overly stressed and fatigued. The participants were then given a food supplement containing the ingredients mentioned above and had them use the product for one month to see if mental stress levels would change, which they did. The researchers then again followed up with the participants a month after the trial and discontinuation of the product to see if there were any lasting effects. Surprisingly enough, after one month of discontinuation, the participants reported that they still felt the effects of lower stress and fatigue levels.

When looking at the data, one researcher noted, “This real-life study shows that after intake of the food supplement, the PSS of the subjects decreased significantly from 34.1 to 26.2, which corresponds to an average reduction of 22.7%. Fatigue decreased significantly from 16.8 to 8.7 (on the Pichot scale), corresponding to an average reduction of 45.0%.”

There seems to be a lot of oxidation caused by stress that food supplements in the form of vitamin A, C, and E, as well as omega-3s, polyphenols, and beta-carotene can combat. These antioxidants are great at battling free radical damage and oxidative stress. In addition, through research it has also been found that probiotics can help relieve stress and anxiety. So, the combination of these specific food supplements can truly do wonders for those who are mentally stressed and fatigued.

After the researchers were done with the study, they mentioned the “results for the persistence of the effect are questionable because there is no comparator, but it is worth pointing out that the patients’ answers were sent by mail, which meant they could answer more freely. Further studies should be conducted to investigate the long-term duration of the effect or its half-life.”

Published online, Panminerva Medica
“Effect of magnesium, probiotic, and vitamin food supplementation in healthy subjects with psychological stress and evaluation of a persistent effect after discontinuing intake.”
Authors: Francois A. Allaert, et al.

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