Coffee + Vitamins = WINNING!

by Matt Weik

If you’re like me, you wake up and go through your normal daily ritual getting ready for the workday. You walk into the kitchen, turn on the coffee, and pray that it speeds up before you’re forced to punch someone in the throat for speaking to you before you take a sip of your morning potion. Ok, that last part might be a little extreme, but you know how you can be in the morning without getting your early morning caffeine fix.

Upon starting my coffee, I then walk over and grab my morning supplements and down the hatch they go—one of which is a multivitamin, something I suggest everyone take daily. Now, a brand is taking two of my morning ritual steps and combining them into one. A brand called VitaCup is launching a vitamin and mineral-infused coffee pod that can be used with Keurig machines. Perfect, I just so happen to have a Keurig and use it every day. Do you have one? Cool, you’ll want to pay attention.

Taking on a new role as CVO

I know what you’re thinking… Chief something Officer? Yup, Chief Vitamin Officer to be exact. Never heard of such a title? Me neither! But VitaCup hired a female who is in charge of coming up with different blends to be put into their coffee pods. She’s just not someone off the street who loves coffee and knows a little bit about vitamins. In fact, she is a registered dietician who works for a hospital full-time as a clinical dietician.

When asked about her role, she said, “It’s been exciting to use my training, certifications and the practice I gained as a clinical dietician to develop credibility to help make a healthy and beneficial vitamin blend. As ‘Chief Vitamin Officer’ (CVO), I assist in creating vitamin blends for the coffee and tea at VitaCup. I use up-to-date research and literature, when deciding on the type of vitamin and amount that goes into each pod. I also help with the vigorous taste testing process to make sure that the amount of vitamins does not affect the delicious flavors of the coffee.”

I’m not going to lie, that sounds like an awesome job. Where can I sign up? I’d be testing new formulations every day just so I can drink coffee all day long. Sounds like a win-win in my book.

When the founder and CEO of VitaCup was asked about what went into starting this new concept and coffee pod, he responded by saying, “People often forget their vitamins or forget their gummies, but no one’s going to leave their house without their coffee.” Truer words have never been spoken…

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