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The Truth Will Set You Free? Irresponsible Bodybuilding Influences


by Matt Weik

In most cases, telling the truth will almost always gain you respect versus lying. In terms of steroid use and honesty, this motto seems to be taking things to the extreme. In the world of bodybuilding, it’s pretty common knowledge that many competitors both amateur and professional are taking anabolics along with other drugs to enhance their physique. Most of them keep to themselves and keep it all below the radar. They aren’t naive to think that walking around at 250+ pounds and single digit body fat almost year round is something that can be achieved naturally. But when does speaking about it openly take things in a completely different direction?

Recently, there have been quite a few people coming out of the woodwork talking about their drug use to help them get bigger and leaner. Some of them using YouTube as their soapbox. The question is, what benefit does this have on others such as the general public or people just getting into the industry (or even gym rats who lift without the desire to compete)?

The legality of what they are doing comes into question. At what point is it considered “illegal” to be showing yourself in a YouTube video injecting anabolics into your body, spot-injecting synthol into body parts for enhancement, and showing off all the other drugs found in your refrigerator that you’re using? Steroids are illegal as is, so I’m confused why they think making a video would make sense. If someone laid 100 pounds of cocaine on a table and filmed it on YouTube (or even released it on Facebook for instance—which some criminals have done which got them caught and convicted), the authorities would be busting their doors in to arrest them. So if steroids are illegal (and there’s no way these individuals have a prescription for all of this stuff), how are they getting away with this? To me it seems like they are playing with fire by doing so.

The glorification of their drug abuse and them trying to justify why they need to take all of these drugs is absurd. If you were to look at the demographics of their YouTube channels I would be willing to bet majority of those people watching are between the ages of 15 and 25. These individuals showing injections on camera are being irresponsible—portraying that in order to put on muscle or achieve a better physique that they need to abuse drugs to get there rather than tightening up their diet and crushing their workouts in the gym. Think for a minute just how dangerous what they are showing on camera is. Imagine a teenage boy looking to put on size and see’s these guys on YouTube injecting synthol into their upper chest to add mass like it’s the “cool thing to do” and “what everyone is doing these days”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out all the things that could potentially go wrong by sticking a needle in your frickin chest (almost threw out a profanity there).

Enough is enough. This needs to stop. The sad thing is no one in the industry is out there bashing these individuals and criticizing them for their careless actions. They simply sit back like a bunch of sheep just watching it happen. Then they’ll go tell all their friends what they watched without intervening and speaking up against the people putting out these dangerous videos. Grow a pair of balls.

On my radio show that I’m a co-host on we spoke about these individuals on numerous episodes—there’s two individuals in particular that I’m speaking about. We are calling them out on the show and I’d put them on blast in this article but I want it to be generalized as a whole rather than finger pointing specific individuals—but if you’re in the industry you know exactly who I’m talking about without me even writing down their names. But why is no one else speaking up? Do you not care? Do you not want to get involved? What if someone you knew watched one of these clowns, decided to purchase some underground gear, inject themselves and have it go sideways? What if they had a terrible reaction or complication? What if they saw these guys on YouTube injecting insulin into their stomachs but don’t see all the carbs they eat so they try it themselves and then turn hypoglycemic, slip into a coma and die? Obviously that is a worst case scenario but it IS one of the end results if you don’t know what you’re doing. Who even knows what people are buying off the streets today and the purity of it? That’s scary to think about—not knowing exactly what you are putting into your body.

The information that these guys on YouTube are putting out is complete nonsense and not even factual. They think that the dosages they are taking is “what everyone is using these days”. That couldn’t be any further from the truth. There are IFBB pro bodybuilders that aren’t using as much drugs as these amateurs whose physiques still aren’t anything close to the professionals. So what is that saying? Maybe it isn’t all about the drugs. Maybe there’s some science behind proper training and nutrition. Using drugs is a crutch to your failures in the gym and the kitchen. If you can’t build a solid base without drugs, then you are nowhere near ready to try any form of anabolic. Period.

So where does this leave us? Glorifying these individuals is no different than keeping quiet about all of the Adobe work being done to photographs these days. Heck, there are people on heavy steroid cycles and synthol who STILL Photoshop their images before posting them on social media. Are you kidding me?! You have to be completely unstable mentally to think that any of this is acceptable or good for the industry. We live in an industry that is under the microscope by the general public and the government. We don’t need more drama giving the industry another black eye.

We are all in this fight together. To help one another. To educate and learn from one another. We all want to achieve the physique of our dreams and live a long healthy life. Most of us want to do it the right way and put in the work. And we can. And we do. Don’t follow in the footsteps of some of these idiots on YouTube. They are on a downward spiral and you are too if you follow their actions. Their day will come and eventually they will have to pay for their irresponsible and dangerous actions. Until that happens, refuse to give into their lies and deception. You can do it the right way. And don’t be afraid to tell these people what they are doing isn’t ok. It’s wrong and reckless. And there needs to be consequences for their careless actions and misinformation.

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