Performance Enhancement Radio Episode 2

Performance Enhancement Radio Topics Discussed:

1. The risk vs reward of female PED use?
2. The best approach for Clen pre-contest?
3. Thoughts on Helios and spot fat loss and is it superior to oral Clen?
4. Dylan Gemelli claims that no SARMs can be bio-available in a powdered form.
5. Does IGF-1 LR3 synthesize via recumbent method or is chemically synthesized is superior?
6. Do anabolic steroids have diminishing returns after a certain period even at lower doses?
7. Is it true s2h speared a 500lb whale in a pool?
8. Thoughts on IGF-1 LR pre workout as a GDA with a intra shake of say 75g HBCD and BCAA’S?
9. How to improve a lagging or stalled bench press max for a semi competitive lifter?
10. If I use a Tren base, Tren A, Tren E and Masteron prop in huge amounts will it lead me too an Olympia title?
11. What would you say a top 20 IFBB pro men’s open competitor uses drug wise in the off season?