Pay Your Trainer, NOT Your Doctor


by Matt Weik

This topic might still be a little premature for its time, but mark my words, you WILL be seeing more of this topic in the not so distant future. For some of you (especially if you are currently a medical doctor), this article will strike a nerve and you will probably want to find out where I live and kick my teeth in (bring it). Or if you are a smart doctor, you will see the truth behind my article and still want to find out where I live only this time to ask for my help in changing the way they conduct their practice. However, this topic needs to be divulged into because many people are simply wasting their time, money, and health. What you are about to read is completely my thoughts and opinions based off of my history in the fitness/supplement industry and what I’ve observed.

By a show of hands, how many of you go to the doctor’s office whenever you are sick? How many of you even if you aren’t sick go to the doctor’s office for check-ups? I see some hands raised so at least you’re all not sleeping. Of those with their hands up, how many of you are on some type of medication under the supervision of your doctor? Ok, still see some hands up. Those with your hands up, how many of you have gotten some type of side effect from the medication the doctor put you on that was supposed to help one thing but in reality caused an issue with something else? I only saw a couple hands drop. Moving on. Those still with your hands up, how many of you were told by your doctor that you need to lose some weight? Hands are still up. Of those, how many were told exactly what they need to do from their doctor in order to lose that weight by a specific exercise and diet program? I don’t see any more hands up.

It blows my mind, how doctors are so quick to draft up a script for your every ailment when in reality many of the things you go to the doctor for can be prevented or lessened through exercise and diet. Makes you wonder if they aren’t being spiffed by some of these major pharmaceutical companies. I also love when doctors are telling people they need to lose weight when they themselves are on the last hole on their belt and have mustard stains on their white coat. Why would you trust anything that comes out of a doctor’s mouth if he or she isn’t practicing what they preach? Would you take fitness and nutrition advice from a 600-pound man who can’t even get out of bed? I would hope not!

Now I’m not saying that doctors aren’t intelligent because they truly are (I should say most of them as there’s always the one that graduates last in their class every year, haha). I’m simply stating that it appears they base their practices off of modern medicine rather than getting to the root of what’s causing an ailment. Enter personal trainers and nutritionists. Although not doctors and not walking home with six-figure salaries each year, these individuals are worth their weight in gold (again, most of them as there are some pretty worthless trainers/nutritionists out there that I have seen in my travels of the country). Searching out a good personal trainer and/or nutritionist is like looking for a doctor. Talk to a couple, see if you jive and if you would feel comfortable working with them. Ask for their credentials to prove they are certified. This is an interview process for you so make sure you ask them questions that you would want to know about them, their training style, prices, training packages, how they would help you reach your goals, how their nutrition program works, etc.

Working with a personal trainer/nutritionist can:

• Increase lean muscle mass
• Decrease body fat
• Lower blood pressure
• Reduce the risk of heart disease
• Decrease the risk of cancer
• Decrease the risk of diabetes
• Increase your immune system
• Help you with everyday tasks
• You look better
• You feel better
• You’re more confident
• Improve your mood

The above is just the tip of the iceberg on how working with a personal trainer/nutritionist can help you.

I believe all doctors should work with their local gyms and personal trainers/nutritionists to get their patients healthy and not force feed them scripts every visit. Now I’m speaking upon my own opinion here but I find that more times than not, one prescription to control one thing will cause an issue with something else that will then also need a prescription. This then turns into a pattern and you’ll find yourself taking more than a handful of pills every day. All the labels on drugs these days talk about possible side effects from taking the drug. The scary thing is some of the side effects are worse than what it’s supposed to control!

I’ll even go out on a limb here and say I believe personal trainers and nutritionists should be paid just as much as doctors. They are the ones who will help keep people healthy and prevent them from needing to see a doctor. Got high blood pressure? Trainers/nutritionists can help bring it down without medication. Got high cholesterol? Trainers/nutritionists can help bring it down without medication. Considered overweight or obese? Trainers/nutritionists can help bring your body fat and weight down to a healthy level. See a pattern here?

So I’m sure by now you’re wondering what I’m babbling about and what my point is. Well here it is… Stop getting a prescription for everything and start taking charge of your life. Quit relying on a pill to fix everything. Go to the gym and workout and start cleaning up your diet. Many of the illnesses people contract can be minimized through diet and exercise. Stop paying your doctor and start paying yourself ahead for the future. What ever happened of putting one foot in front of the other and going for a walk or jog? Now everyone is so darn sedentary due to technology that people rarely even want to leave their house thinking they might miss their favorite TV show or an important news feed on Facebook. Enough! If you want to end up in a downward spiral towards illness and disease, then by all means grab a donut and soda and watch what all your “friends” are saying on Facebook. Otherwise, call up your friends and go do something. Go for a walk in the park or go to the gym and challenge each other—be each other’s support team, you don’t need to do this alone.

By taking charge of your life and living a healthier lifestyle you will find yourself going to the doctor less often because you won’t have a need to go. You’ll also find through diet and exercise some of the prescriptions that you were on you might be able to take lower dosages or in some cases even get off of them totally depending on what they are used for. What does that mean? For starters your healthier which can lead to a longer life. But it also helps keep money in your pocket not having to pay to go to the doctors and to pay for those prescriptions. That leaves extra cash in your pocket for all the fun things in life you want to do.

The bottom line is; you’ll be hard-pressed to ever find something negative about living a healthy lifestyle as long as you have no health issues that wouldn’t allow you to be active. Stop looking for the easy way out by taking a few pills and start taking charge of your life and do it for yourself—you deserve it. You have a lot of life ahead to look forward to, don’t cut it short due to poor choices and being lazy. The greatest wealth you have in this life is your health. Don’t take it for granted.