Lose weight with HMB and get a flying start to fat loss

Weight loss not only requires a huge amount of discipline, it also goes agonizingly slowly. It can take days before you see your body reacting. But help is at hand, according to an article by Taiwanese sports scientists in the Journal of Exercise Science and Fitness. They suggest that you can get rid of large amounts of fat in the first few days of dieting by taking HMB.

The Taiwanese did a three-day experiment with eight women judokas. All were national and international level competitors, and none used protein supplements.

The researchers put the women on a diet on which you’d expect that they would lose weight, but not strength or stamina. Per kg bodyweight the women consumed 20 kcal per day. The women’s diet contained 3.6 g carbohydrates, 1.33 g protein and 0.03 g fat per kg bodyweight. They also took a multivitamin supplement.

Half of the women were also given 3 g HMB per day to take: 1 g each at breakfast, lunch and supper. The other half were given a placebo.

Despite the short duration of the study the supplementation did have an effect. The fat percentage in the HMB group went down from 20.23 percent to 19.38 percent. Going on the data in the lower table, we estimate that the women in the HMB lost an average of about 700 g fat. Our calculation methods are a little unorthodox, but anyway…. it gives you an idea…



“This preliminary study suggests that HMB supplementation during a 3-day energy restriction period may increase fat loss but have no effect on lean body mass or exercise performance”, the Koreans write. “Further research is warranted with longer periods of HMB supplementation and on its mechanism.”

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