Super 1-Andro Rx in Review


by Mike Arnold

In order to understand what Super -1 Andro RX is and how it works, let’s first look at DHEA, its close cousin and a crucial step in testosterone synthesis. Testosterone, with which you are all familiar, is produced through an extensive process known as steroidogenesis. This process is initiated by cholesterol, one of the most important substances in the entire body due to the vast number of vital functions it plays a role in. Involved in the formation of a host of active metabolites, cholesterol is the base precursor to every single sex hormone, glucocorticoid, and mineralocorticoid in the body. However, before cholesterol can become DHEA and then testosterone, it must first go through over a half-dozen different bio-chemical conversions, which are listed from start to finish, below:


As you can see, DHEA falls smack dab in the middle of this 7 step chain and is 2 steps away from testosterone. This means DHEA must first convert to androstenedione before becoming to testosterone. Super 1-Andro RX works along these same lines, starting out as 1-DHEA and converting to other hormones along the way before finally reaching the last metabolite in the chain. However, the metabolites that 1-DHEA converts to are different than regular DHEA. This makes it a completely different compound with different effects in the body, despite the letters “DHEA” being found in its name. In this case, the conversion chain is as follows:


1-DHEA is often described as “2-step” prohormone, but this really isn’t an accurate way of conveying its true character. While it is true that it is 2 steps away from becoming 1-testosterone (the final metabolite in the chain), referring to it as a “2-step” PH implies that the compound is only useful if it ends up being converted to 1-testosterone. This is not the case. In reality, all three metabolites in the chain (1-DHEA, 1-AD, and 1-test) possess anabolic activity in their own right. However, 1-DHEA in its unconverted form is very weak from an anabolic standpoint, failing to provide meaningful myotrophic effects. Fortunately, the same can’t be said about 1-AD.

For any of you who have been around since the beginning of the prohormone boom, you probably remember a product called 1-AD, as it was the first OTC steroid product that could legitimately claim to provide effects similar to traditional AAS when administered in oral form. Much later on, 1-AD was methylated and sold as Alpha-1 (an oral steroid more powerful than most prescription orals). Even though the original 1-AD was marketed and regularly referred to as a “prohormone”, it actually wore two hats, being both an active steroid and a prohormone at the same time. This is probably much more common than you think, with many well known steroids possessing this characteristic. Even testosterone itself fits the description, being both an active hormone and a prohormone to dihydrotestosterone. Basically, being a prohormone just means that the parent compound is capable of converting into other metabolites. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it, or the other metabolites in the chain, have no anabolic activity or aren’t considered steroids. In order to make determination in this area, each compound in the chain must be evaluated individually. Fortunately, in the case of 1-AD, it is both a potent steroid on its own, as well as a prohormone to the exceedingly powerful 1-testosterone.

Technically, this would make 1-DHEA both a 1-step and 2-step prohormone, as both metabolites possess considerable anabolic activity in muscle tissue. In fact, it is 1-AD that provides the lion’s share of Super 1-Andro RX’s muscle building effects, as its conversion rate to 1-AD is much higher than 1-testosterone. In terms of results, 1-AD is a non-aromatizable drug devoid of water retention, so gains in muscle mass are hard and dry. It possesses a favorable androgenic to anabolic ratio and its side effect profile is mild in comparison to other steroids of similar potency. Its overall character, at least from a visual standpoint, is very similar to other dry, non-aromatizing orals. It was very popular and widely used right up until its ban in 2005.

1-testosterone, also known as dihydroboldenone, is a downstream metabolite of boldenone (EQ). However, it is much stronger than boldenone and superior in just about every respect. In my opinion, 1-testosterone is one of the best injectables ever produced, but extreme post-injection muscle soreness, manufacturing problems, and the inability of UGL’s to source quality raws prevented it from achieving the popularity it deserves. Like 1-AD, muscle gains are hard and dry and overall side effects are relatively minimal. In attempting to describe it, many have likened it to a “super” primo or a “side effect free” tren. I find the term “super primo” to be a fairly accurate representation of its character, with both the appearance it provides and its overall feel being remarkably similar.

Essentially, what you have with Super 1-Andro RX is a product that provides predominantly 1-AD-like effects, along with a hint of 1-testosterone activity. Of all the different DHEA-based hormones, 1-DHEA is one of, if not the most effective on the market, due to both its increased conversion rate and strong anabolic activity at both conversion points. It is most commonly stacked with 4-DHEA, an androstenedione and testosterone precursor.

In order to improve the pharmacokinetic profile of 1-DHEA and boost absorption rate, IronMag Labs has altered its molecular structure through attachment of the enanthate ester (esterification). Going by current estimates, this should increase bioavailability roughly 30% over what is seen with traditional DHEA-based prohormones. As an added benefit, the esterification process also results in an increased level of purity. Rounding out the formula is the addition of 6,7-dihydrogergamottin, or DHB, for short. Similar to the process of esterification, DHB improves the product’s effectiveness through two mechanisms. It improves its oral bioavailability, thereby increasing the percentage of 1-DHEA that makes its way into the bloodstream. It also inhibits the activity of the enzyme cytochrome P450 3A, which increases the compound’s half-life, enabling it to provide anabolic effects for a longer period of time.

All in all, Super 1-Andro RX is a solid addition to the DHEA family of prohormones, providing those who refuse to take banned substances a way to boost their muscle building efforts without legal risk or toxic side effects.


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