HOT ALBUM REVIEW – ‘GO’ by Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard

Lou “Big Sexy” Uridel

by Louis Uridel

Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard dropped their third, and highly motivational/inspirational, album toward the end of February. “Go” since it’s release has been smashing the charts and making waves over not only ITunes, but Billboard.


Let’s do a little background to this…

A couple of years ago, Rob Bailey and Charlie Hustle (The Hustle Standard), came out with Battle Tested. The Album went off the charts and was at number 1 on several sales charts for a week after the release. The Album was in the top 10 in total sales for that time as well. The uninitiated made claims that the music was just shouting… it didn’t make sense .. and it wasn’t any clear reasoning for it.


Fast-forward to now, and that sentiment couldn’t be more prevalent, it’s just not in a negative way, but a positive one. You see, Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard didn’t create a music that fits within a certain genre. Is it Rock? Is it Rap? Is it electronic? Is it punk? It’s KIND of a MIXTURE of ALL. Then add in Rob yelling verbal inspiration, that if you listen and you are seeking inspiration in your life, will send goosebumps down your back and along your arms.


What makes this album so special isn’t just the inspiration, but the personal touch that Rob and Charlie have put into it. Sound bites of Rob talking that seem to be impromptu recordings such as:

“It’s 3am, I’m alone and I have no fucking clue what I’m doing… but I’m trying my best.”

“I always want to be in control of my fucking life… ”

“The situation might not be fantastic… and it might be stupid at the time but it can take you somewhere… Don’t worry about money, do something cool and give a fuck about people… and it’s gonna turn something around.”

If you are a person seeking motivation to make yourself a better person… looking for the drive to push you into doing more with your life… to live your dreams… these words will speak to your soul.

The final song “We’re Doing It” has a very high level of escalating intensity. As the song gets closer to the end you feel like you want to jump out of your skin, climb on top of a car and shout a barbaric YALP … the song makes you want to believe in yourself more and is like drinking a JOLT soda pop combined with shooting adrenaline into the very fabric of who you are.

I can’t really grasp the concept of someone creating an entire new genre of music. We saw the whole alternative music blow up in the 1990’s with Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins kind of all in unison creating a new genre… We’ve seen No Doubt morph Ska and Rock together… and we have Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard blend several into one style that stands out from any other in the music industry.

And all this from evolved from “just a t-shirt company.”


Charlie Hustle also gets my award for rapping this year. He did a great job and I even asked Rob if that was Charlie because he sounded like an authentic rapper. A+ job for Mr. Hustle.

But it isn’t just all about motivation and creating a new music genre.

“GO” has done amazing sales and it has numbers to back it up. I got the official Billboard Charts while at the ARNOLD CLASSIC… here they are:

Billboard Charts

Top 200 – #40
Album Sales – #28
Digital Sales – #14
Independent – #4
Rock – #11
Hard Rock – #4

At one point on ITunes “GO” was ahead of Kid Rocks and several spots ahead of Taylor Swift’s album.

Billboard is the real deal… Just like Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard. As an artist when you rock these numbers it doesn’t matter how many people think the music sucks… at that point they are just all critics who just don’t like the style. Love it or hate it… no one will ever be indifferent to Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard.

If you haven’t listened to this album and you love music that can push you to do better and great training music that you will listen to on replay – this album is all for you.

It’s my recommendation that you “Go” out and get it now. Rob Bailey and Charlie Hustle hit a walk off home run on this one.